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As much as I don’t want to admit it summer is coming to a close. August is upon us and it is time to start readying the little ones to get back into the school routine. 

For my household, this means more than just buying school supplies and warmer clothes. 

We start lesson plans with the kids to get them back into the swing of formalized learning and homework.  

During this month, my husband and I do not have the benefit of the teacher’s learning plan as a guide so we are on our own with regards to finding content and a forum for at home learning.  

This summer I am lucky enough to have had the opportunity to review PowerMyLearning and use it as part of my planning for August and beyond.

The sign up process is easy and free – all you need to provide is your name and email address. 

After the quick sign up, the landing page is displayed. 

From here my daughter and I opted to view activities by grade although we could have looked at them based on the subject (there are 8 categories). 

As we scrolled through the activities available under the K-2 category, my daughter easily zeroed in on a word play game within the language arts discipline. 

Even from the main screen, I could see that the activity had received four stars based on one vote. 

At this point, my daughter is easily navigating the website while I observed.  Upon opening the activity she was excited to see an activity from the PBS character, Martha! 

After playing with the Martha word activity for a bit my daughter wanted to continue looking at other activities. 

Together we found activities for drawing/art, learning Spanish, exploring a guitar/music and counting/math. 

Before I knew it, we had completed 35 minutes of learning, discussion and fun!! 

PowerMyLearning is a one stop shop for educational websites and activities that would otherwise take the average person hours to find. 

The website is categorized in a common sense manner that makes it very easy to find the correct grade level of activities. 

It is easy to see the user feedback on the various activities and participate in the voting process by adding feedback. 

For parents with older children, there is a feature to link accounts to track progress and the ability to create “playlists” that set expectations of completion for the student. 

There are also many features geared towards educators so it is a good idea to see if your child’s teacher or school district is using this tool.  

PowerMyLearning is a powerful platform that is growing and changing based on user feedback. 

The landing page is currently advertising a substantial update to the site slated for September 3rd and I am quite excited to see what the site will have to offer in the future.


Finally! Group video chat that's fun, easy, and FREE!!

July 2013


There are many amazing apps that are coming out on smart phones that help make our day to day life so much easier.

Whether we use them for keeping up with our social networks, or editing our latest photos, having our virtual world at our hands, is an amazing thing made possible by up and coming apps.

We are constantly able to update each other, share exciting news, and be able to broadcast new things in your life with just a touch of a button.

OkHello is a brand new app that helps you stay connected with other people.

Not only are you able to chat and stay updated with your favorite person, but OkHello gives you the opportunity to stay connected with groups of people at the same time.

It is more than just a chat room where you can send messages, but it also gives you some other really neat features!

You can video chat with your entire group, send images, and even video of what you are doing.

There is a collection of images and stickers to convey any mood you are going through and get fun reactions from your friends and family.

It’s a fun way to keep track of just a certain number of people, and share important events with your exclusive group. This way, no one misses a thing!

You can easily add friends by inviting them through a text, email, or even connect with them via Facebook.

By giving you the ability to create separate rooms, you can have rooms for your best friends, family members, and even co-workers, to keep your life in order and your life constantly updated.

Download the free OkHello app and get started really connecting with the people that mean the most to you.

You’ll find that you always have something to share and learn about each other thanks to the growing trends of technology.

You can head over here to check it out!


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