Sol Alpaca - Make These Days Feel Warmer! Plus a $100 Giveaway!

I love pieces of clothing that have a history or a story to tell. Something you can truly treasure. This can be hard to find nowadays with everything being mass produced and nothing is unique anymore. So when I came across Sol Alpaca I knew I had found something special—something noteworthy.

Sol Alpaca’s creations come from Peru a country with very rich and ancient textile traditions. Sol Alpaca keeps those traditions alive bringing all the warmth the Andean people have to give. The Andean people love what they do and hold a special passion with nature.

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Pamper Yourself In 2018 With Harmony Life

December 2017

As a mom a lot of the things I used to focus on have been put on the backburner, putting my kids first has always been the priority, but as my kids are getting older I have been finding that I have more time to myself. So I have decided that 2018 is the year for me! I will spend more time in 2018 focusing on myself. I am starting this New Year off by doing something for myself and pampering myself with Harmony Life skin and hair products. I want to feel beautiful and I know Harmony Life can help me do that.

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How Our Family Stays Healthy As We Travel the World

As moms, we are always making sure our kids are happy and healthy. “Eat your vegetables” “Don’t eat too much candy”, but as a mom that travels, it can be even more difficult. There will inevitably be some unhealthy meals, since I don’t always have a kitchen handy, and unfortunately, I just can’t control everything we eat. It is important to me that our family stay healthy while traveling, even almost more than when we are at home. If one kid gets sick while traveling, it can throw all our plans into chaos. I knew I had to ensure that we stay healthy.

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Recharge With The Red Rock Salon and Spa

January 2016
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I don’t know about you, but I love being pampered while on vacation. Vacations are supposed to make you feel better, right? And what better way is there to feel refreshed and recharged than getting pampered? If you are heading to Vegas or already live nearby then you don’t want to miss the Salon and Spa and The Red Rock Casino & Resort. I recently went for a massage, manicure and hair treatment, and it was fabulous!

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Changing the Conversation - Mom Knows Best, Not the Internet

December 2015
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I participated in an Ambassador Activation on behalf of Influence Central for WaterWipes. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

 It’s hard not to feel judged as a mom in this electronic day in age, everywhere you turn you hear moms criticizing other moms parenting skills, articles contradicting each other on how to take care of your baby and your own self-doubt making you question if you are doing a good job. But there’s a secret underneath all that negativity a secret the rest of the world doesn’t share with you enough; you are a great mom. That’s right… you are a great mom and even if nobody else recognizes it, your baby does.

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