Kids Day Out!

October 2012


Fall is by far my favorite time of the year. I love the crisp air, the leaves falling and all the fun fall activities!

So I am taking today to show my kiddos how awesome fall is!

I think it is essential every now and then to drop everything you are doing and have a day completely dedicated to kids.

I will be back to blogging first thing in the morning. Smile See you then!


Corn on the Cob Or... Banana?

June 2012


Like most little kids (I'm hoping Laughing) my little girl has some strange eating quirks!

She recently told me to stop cutting up her banana, because she wanted to start eating it like a big girl.

And apparently that means eating it like corn on the cob!

She will grab the whole banana and start from one side and go to the other till it's all gone.

I'm not sure where she got this from, but it is really funny to watch!

Does your child have any weird little quirks like this?


Happy Father's Day!!

June 2012


I hope everyone is having a great Father's Day! Mother's Day always gets hyped up (with good cause), but I think Father's don't always get the recognition they deserve.

So happy Father's day to all those great Dad's who work really hard to provide for their families! You deserve to relax and enjoy this day that is just for you!

Speaking of great Father's, I want to thank my Dad for everything he has done for me. My Dad worked really hard to provide us with a home and food and anything we needed.

Sometimes he would work two or three jobs, he sacrificed so much for me and I can never repay him. Thank you Dad, I love you so much!

I also want to thank my Husband who has also sacrificed a lot. You are such a wonderful father to our two babies and I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband!

You work so hard to make our family happy and I am so grateful for everything you do! You are the best Father & Husband we could ask for! I love you babe!

So sit back and relax Dad's and have a Happy Father's Day!


10 Amazing Years!

June 2012


Today my wonderful husband and I celebrate our 10th anniversary! I can't believe 10 years have gone by!

Like most marriages we have had (and still continue to have) really hard times and joyful times.

I am so lucky to call myself his wife. He is the only one in the world who could put up with love me the way he does. Smile

I am a completely different girl than I was 10 years ago and he has been there with me through it all.

Two years into our marriage I decided (out of the blue) that I wanted to be a vegetarian!

Needless to say this was quite a shock, but he was so supportive in anything I wanted to do.

I couldn't ask for a better partner, friend, confidant, motivator and father to our children.

Thank you so much babe for 10 amazing and crazy years! Here's to many more!


Happy Mother's Day!

May 2012


I want to wish all the Mamas out there a Happy Mother's Day!

There is no disputing that we need a day just for Moms.

It's not out of being selfish or wanting some amazing gift, but that every hero deserves a day of respect and honor and mothers are definitely heroes!

Everyday we pour our heart and souls into taking care of these little beings, and for a lot of it we are flying blind and have no idea if we are doing it right.

But when our actions and words come from a loving place it doesn't matter if we get it wrong.

Most days I feel like I am floundering, not knowing if I am making the right choices for them... but at the end of the day they look at me and say "I love you Mama" and I know that everything is ok.

Whether you are a Mother to be... or a Grandmother who's children have all grown I wish you all the happiness in the world today!

So put you feet up, relax, sit back and enjoy this day that honors all of your hard work!


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