Our Day! Going to pick pumpkins... maybe not.

October 2011

(Playing in a big pit of corn, it's amazing what makes the little ones happyLaughing)

Sorry I was out most of the day, my husband was starting to feel really sick today with a cold (I really hope we all don't get it Frown) so I thought I would take the kiddos to a pumpkin patch near us.

This was the first time we had ever been to a pumpkin patch to get pumpkins. I was very optimistic thinking I could take both of the kids and we would have a great time with no issues. Laughing

So you take a hayride out to the pumpkin patch and grab your pumpkins and then take the hayride back. And as soon as we were out in the middle of the field my little girl proclaims "POTTY"!

At this point I am juggling two pumpkins and my little boy, looking around wondering what I was gong to do! Unfortunately because she couldn't go anywhere and we had to wait for the wagon to come back I told her she would have to hold it in and wait. She decided that wasn't good enough and started to have an absolute fit!

So I am standing in the middle of a field by myself struggling to hold everything and she is falling apart! At this point I said screw the pumpkins and we hurried back to try to find a potty.

And we finally found a really gross porta-potty, needless to say I was bathing the kiddos in antibacterial hand soap afterward!

So we had no pumpkins, but they were at least having fun riding a pony, and playing on a huge slide.

Luckily they had a pumpkin display you could grab one from, so I thought we would grab a couple on our way out, when once again I heard... "POTTY"!

Unfortunately we were way too far away from the porta-potty's and she had an accident. By the time I took them back to the car and changed her pants they were so tired I thought it would be best to go.

So no pumpkins yet, maybe tomorrow! I think this time we will just go to the store. Laughing


Our Day!

October 2011

So we took on a great feat today - we hiked up a mountain near our home.

Except that wasn't the great feat... we did it with a cranky 3 year old!

So we have been wanting to do this hike ever since we moved here, but just kept putting it off.

Today was such a beautiful day, I knew it was now or never. So we hiked up to our local universities insignia on the mountain (the Y).

It's right near our house and I always stare at it thinking "that's not so big", "I can hike that".

Turns out it was a little harder than I was prepared for! Also it didn't help that we took our 3 year old, who happened to be really cranky.

She started out walking by herself, but shortly after we were carrying her the whole time.

Which normally wouldn't have been a big deal, but she was cranky and complaining the whole time!

Luckily she was pretty fascinated by the leafs for a little bit. I'm actually not a huge fan of hiking, but you can't beat the views!

Hope everyone had a great Monday!!


Our Day!

October 2011

So this picture pretty much describes perfectly what was going on with me today!

I can't even count how many times I forgot my keys or my wallet (luckily I always remembered the kids Laughing)

I left my wallet on a stack of pumpkins outside our local Kroger store and didn't remember until an hour later!

Thank goodness for a good Samaritan who took it into the store and gave it to customer service.

So it was only fitting that when we went to the Disney Store Halloween dress up party I missed it by 4 hours.

I completely forgot the times were different today than yesterday!

I felt so bad, my little baby fairy had dressed up and really wanted to go to a party. I knew I had totally messed up when I didn't see a huge line going out of the store.

I think things like this are just part of being a mama. Unfortunately you just have so much going on sometimes, your brain just goes out the window!

Luckily she loved just looking around at the Disney store and it didn't hurt that she was able to leave with a new doll. Laughing


Gotta Love Cheap Food!!

October 2011

We went and got our Dickey's cheap food! The kiddos loved it and I loved the price!!

You can't beat $1 sandwiches and drinks! I had never been there before and I was so excited to see FREE pickles and ice cream!!

It might now be one of my favorite places! Go here to see how you can grab cheap BBQ.

Do you like my little girls 80's hair? That's what happens when she doesn't hold still while I'm doing her hair. Laughing


I love Fall!!

October 2011

I asked earlier on Facebook what everyone's favorite part of Fall was, I have to say I agree with all of the answers (except the Anniversary lol)

I really love the leaves changing! The picture above is the mountain that is behind our house and I love all of the colors!

(sorry, my camera is horrible!)

I wish it could stay like this all year round! We went for a bike ride as a family today, we have a canyon near us and I love how the trees form a canopy.

Unfortunately on the way down from the canyon I made the mistake of opening my mouth to talk to my husband and a bug flew right in!

It was so gross!! Unfortunately it's just a hazard when you are biking, but this one was bigger than usual! Tongue out

I hope everyone else had a great Fall weekend! (minus the bugs!)


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