Yay Free Pizza!

September 2011

So guess what we had for dinner? (no... not glass Laughing) Free Domino's pizza! I hope everyone else got some!

We have been doing a no eating out plan for the past little bit, so it was nice to eat out for free!!

I was a little surprised at how tiny the pizza was, I had to make a salad with it, to really have it be a meal.

It was pretty good pizza, but I don't think I would pay the full price of $7.99 for it.

The kiddos really liked it!

It kind of made me think though... when I tell people that I have a deal blog that I post a lot of freebies on, sometimes I get the very negative

comment that "nothing in life is free". I hate when people say that because there is so much that is free!

I can't imagine not going after freebies or trying to get the best deal. I can't imagine how much money I would be wasting!

Some freebies take a little work or the right timing, but if you can grab them I feel it's worth it.

Every freebie you get is less money you would spend! We have a very small food budget, so anytime we can offset it with a freebie I'm happy!!

Now... there is no way you will ever be able to grab every single freebie out there, but just grab what you can!

Plenty of thing in life are free, you just have to go after them! Laughing


What did you have for dinner?

September 2011

Today was just a bad day at our house! Full of crying, fits, tantrums, searching for lost keys for half the day and to top it all off... glass for dinner.

Glass isn't what I was planning on serving for dinner, but I went to flip over a steak that I was broiling this evening and my Pyrex dish completely shattered!

Apparently, it was way too much heat. I had glass all over my kitchen and as you can see a ton of glass in the oven.

I hate cleaning up glass, it's such a pain to get every little piece and with little ones you have to really make sure you get everything.

So we ate mashed potatoes! It was the only thing I had made that didn't require the oven.

I'm a pretty positive person, but today was one of those days I just wanted to be done with!

I hope everyone else had a better day!

We all have our own trials and struggles, but we also all have the prospect of tomorrow being better!

I hope whatever you struggled with today, that you will have a better day tomorrow!

I know I will have a better day, by just not having any dishes explode. Laughing



Why can't I print?!!

September 2011

Is this a part of your printer? Apparently my little boy thought we didn't have enough stuff in ours.

I went to print some coupons this morning and nothing was printing!

After trying and trying to figure it out myself I finally had my husband look at it. Come to find out my little boys obsession with pushing buttons had reached the printer!

He had pushed enough buttons on it to totally reset the IP on it, so nothing from my computer was even reaching it.

Luckily my husband solved that pretty quick, and as soon as it started printing we got a paper jam! My husband kept pulling sheet after sheet out of ripped up paper.

We couldn't figure out why it kept jamming, until my husband opened it up completely and found a little orange "r" shoved into it!

I thought for sure printing while a little piece of wood was in it would surely break it! So I went to test it once the "r" was out and it made the worst sound I have ever heard a printer make!

It spit out a piece of paper and two printer parts!! I thought for sure that was it, there is no way it's going to work without those two parts (unfortunately I don't even know what they are or where they go)

So I held my breath and pushed print... and it works!! I can't believe it! After having a wooden "r" shoved up it and loosing two parts it still lives to fight another day!!

Moral of the story... if it ain't broke, don't let the kiddos near it!


Friday Fun!

August 2011


I hope everyone is having a fun Friday! As you can tell we did! (It was also very wet and messy! Laughing)

My husbands source of fun today was kinking the hose and then letting it go as my little girl was staring right at it. Needless to say she was soaked by the time we were done playing!

Luckily my little boy is mostly past the putting things in his mouth phase or I might have had some interesting diapers after this! Laughing

I hope everyone had a great day and I hope you have a wonderful weekend as well! We should have a lot of great coupons and freebies tomorrow, that definitely puts a smile on my face!


1SaleADay: Numbers & Counting Wipe-Off Activity Mat For Only $1.00! Plus Free Shipping!

August 2011


Right now 1SaleADay.com has these wipe off numbers and counting mats for only $1.00 shipped!!

My little girl is starting preschool lessons, so these would be great!

These might sell out quick!


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