Feeling Blue?

Thursday, March 1, 2012

I was doing dishes this morning with my little "helpers" who were more interested in the bubbles than getting dishes clean, so I thought it would be fun if they had their own plate of bubbles.

For some silly reason I thought "why not add food coloring?"

I got a reminder a few minutes later of "why not", they started using their hands and my little boy kept touching his face.

I was hoping it would come off with some warm water, but apparently not! Now I have little blue children!

Now I'm worried every time they touch our cream colored couch, some blue might come off.

One of those Mom moments where you have the best of intentions, but it doesn't quite come out right. Laughing



Why My Husband Doesn't Go Shopping

Monday, February 27, 2012

My hubby took the kids to the store last night so I could get some work done and I was so appreciative, but it made me realize why I do the shopping! lol

So guess how many packages of Buy 1 Get 1 FREE bagels he got? Yep... he got 1! That's ok we didn't need a FREE package anyway. Laughing

So here is the deal he got:

  • Wonder Bagels $3.00
  • On BOGO Sale - No thank you
  • Final Price: $3.00 for one package instead of $1.50 each! Laughing

Maybe he just needs to go through couponing 101. lol



Daddy's Idea Of A Healthy Breakfast

Thursday, February 9, 2012

My husband made breakfast this morning (which I was very grateful for). But I didn't realize what they were eating till I looked over and saw this:

They had a healthy (haha) breakfast of french toast with chocolate sauce. Needless to say we will be doing baths soon! 



Would You Like Some Crayon For Dinner?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

So we have a crayon eater in our house, and no matter how hard I have tried I cannot brake him of it!

I will give him and my little girl crayons to color with and he will use it for about a minute, and them decide that it's better for eating than coloring.

So I have to hide them away and my little girl can only color when he is napping.

Today while he was napping I let her color on a window with our window crayons.

Well it appears he has figured out a way to still eat crayon!

I saw him looking out the window and then a few seconds later this is what he looked like. 

He goes up to the window and licks the crayon off! I know I feed him enough Laughing so I guess he likes the taste for some reason!

It does make for a nice little goatee though. Haha



Our Day! Messy Fun!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

I hope everyone is having a fabulous day! I'm starting to really get in the Christmas spirit (now that we only have 3 days left!) Laughing

Today we had fun making graham cracker houses (I didn't have any gingerbread lying around lol)

My little girl had a blast with it, it's the longest I have ever seen her sit in one spot!

My little boy just wanted to eat everything, and couldn't understand why I wouldn't just hand over the whole can of frosting to him. Laughing

I couldn't even get a picture of him, he was so messy I has to just toss him into the bath right away.

Definitely a messy activity, but tons of fun!



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