Lolleez - Adding a Bit of Sweetness To Life!

Sore throats seem to be an epidemic around our house lately. I feel as soon as one kid is feeling better another one just gets sick. Unfortunately, this always happens every winter for us and probably for your house too. There’s nothing more difficult than looking at those cute little faces and knowing that they are so unhappy.

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Isle of Man Family Travel Guide - Part One

Islands… why is it that islands seem to have more fun, more adventure, and more beauty? They seem to be brimming with amazing things to see and do. This seems to be the case with the British Isles as well. Everyone knows of the beauty that can be found in the British Isles, but there is one island in particular that holds so much for travelers and is definitely a must visit this summer. Welcome to The Isle of Man!

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T-Bones Chophouse - A Cut Above The Rest

Upscale dining options in Vegas can get overwhelming, there are celebrity chef restaurants that try to get you with the “fame” and others that try to claim the have the best “fill in the blank” you’ve ever had, but really the “best I’ve ever had” in Vegas is located off the strip; introducing… T-Bones Chophouse. It unassumingly sits inside The Red Rock Casino & Resort and in my opinion the name doesn’t quite give it the recognition it rightly deserves. Before making our reservations I hadn’t had the time to look at reviews or do any research like I normally do, I had no idea what to expect.

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One of the Best Eating Experiences NYC Has to Offer - Perfect Picnic

January 2016

Strolling through Central Park definitely tops my list of must-do activities while in NYC, but this last trip I got an even better treat! I was able to do a picnic in the park thanks to Perfect Picnic. There’s nothing better than sitting in one of your favorite places in the city and enjoying some amazingly fresh food.

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Making the Holidays Warmer with McCafé Packaged Coffee

December 2015

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for McCafé packaged coffee. I received product samples as well as a monetary promotional incentive to thank me for my participation.

Nothing beats a perfect cup of coffee, but sometimes that small thing can be elusive. With so many options can be hard to find one that really knows their stuff. So why not go with someone that has been doing fresh coffee for a long time? Introducing… McCafé packaged coffee!

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