*Must Read* For Moms - 20 Things To Let Youself Off The Hook On

September 2015

Between Pinterest and social media, it seems the standard moms are being held up to these days is higher than ever. Maybe it’s because I pride myself on not caving to pressure or I’ve simply resigned myself to the fact that I’m content to walk the line of mediocrity, but there comes a time when women need to rise up and say enough is enough and let ourselves (and each other) off the hook of society’s great expectations. So what do you say, ladies? Cuz I believe it’s time to take a stand when it comes to…

15 Things That Apparently Only Moms Are Capable Of Doing

June 2015

Pooped, Peed, and Puked on. We have all been there, scrubbing the couch from the epic diaper blowout or trying not to hurl when they blow their nose and so much green snot flies out that you worry the Ghostbusters will come in any second to rid you of Slimer. These things just come with being a parent.

However, I didn’t know becoming a parent would mean there was a whole subset of tasks which ONLY moms are capable of doing.

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Mom Stuff I Will Always Suck At

June 2015

I know them. You know them. Crap, you might be one of them. The women who totally rock the mom world in all the ways we’ve been trained to believe the mom world should be rocked. That world in which I suck. And if you’re like me, we never encounter these Super-Moms on the rare occasions when we’ve got it all together. No no. These women invade our day with their fully dressed well-groomed child at their side the moment ours begins doing cartwheels and everyone simultaneously realizes I didn’t do a shoes and underwear check before we left the house. Get off my back, wardrobe isn’t my strength, and she had em on yesterday I swear.

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My Joyful Birth Story With Alta View Hospital

This is a sponsored post on behalf of Intermountain Healthcare. As always though, all opinions are mine.

When you are a first-time mom, everything is new, overwhelming and sometimes scary. You have so many things running through your mind, and there isn’t a book in the world that can completely prepare you. When I was pregnant with my first baby, I was terrified—but not terrified about pregnancy or caring for a fragile little human being—I was terrified about delivery. There were so many unknowns, toward the end of my pregnancy I couldn’t stop thinking about what could go wrong and wondering, “Can I really do this?”

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5 Simple Ways To Be a Good Mom on a Bad Day

May 2015

Being a good parent is hard, but being a good parent on a bad day is even harder! Don’t worry, we’ve all been there. Maybe you’re exhausted after being kept up all night by a crying baby. Perhaps your boss has just dumped a ton of work on you with a strict deadline. Maybe it’s the extra post-baby weight that’s getting you down. Maybe it is a combination of all the above! Either way you slice it, parenting is tough. But here are some tips I’ve learned after having five kids of my own on changing my mood and how to be a good mom on a bad day.

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