*Must Read* 10 Bad Habits Parents Need to Break

August 2014

Admit it: you do these things, too. And that's OK. But maybe -- just maybe -- it's time to think about changing things up a little bit, for the sake of your sanity, your relationship with your kids, and because life's too short.

1. Judging other parents. 
This one's hard for us all. We've all seen that parent, the one yelling at their kids in the Target check-out. The mom who ushers her kids through the McDonald's drive-thru for dinner and the dad who lets his kids stay up past 10pm on a school night. The fact is, we could all make better choices. But instead of focusing your energy on what we may be doing wrong, let's spend more time focusing on what we're doing that's right. Every time you have a parenting "win," give yourself a little credit. Go ahead, revel in your parental awesomeness!

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*Must Read* An Apology To My Second Child

August 2014

My Dearest Second Child,

As your arrival into this world got closer, I began making my rounds. I got together with aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, and anyone else I could think of to reminisce about all the fun times. I had convinced myself that once you came, being the mother of two children would drive me to boarding up the windows and becoming a recluse. We would be a very happy family, just pale and sensitive to the light.

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5 Easy Ways To Teach Your Children Gratitude

November 2013

As a mother, I am very conscious of my duty to my children. I am responsible for the care of not only my children's bodies and minds but also their souls. This is why I am constantly striving to instill in my children those guiding principles and virtues that I know are foundational to true happiness. Now you may say, "There are so many principles and virtues out there that are important. Where do I start?"

I am glad you asked. I totally agree with Cicero when he said that,"Gratitude is not only the greatest of virtues, but the parent of all the others."

Yes I definitely believe Gratitude is the parent of ALL other virtues. So now the question becomes, "How do I teach my children to be Grateful; especially when they are young?"

It has been long shown that the best way to teach is by example. This means that in order to teach our children the value of gratitude we must SHOW them. Here are 5 ways we can teach our children the value of gratitude:

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*Must Read* 5 Amazing Life Lessons I learned from my 3 year old.

October 2013


One of my main concerns as a parent is to make sure I am teaching my children correct principles. There is so much they need to learn, during the fleeting years I have them in my home, that at times it is almost overwhelming. And yet, perhaps, I was given these children not just to teach, but to also learn from. Children have a wisdom born of innocence that I think we can all learn from. When I stop to think of all the lessons my small children have taught me in the last few years, I am truly humbled. Here are the TOP 5:

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5 Must Read Tips For A Better Halloween Experience!

I just love Halloween. It is a time of year that really gets your imagination going. I love how the Fall weather is just getting blustery, and the crunchy leaves cover the ground. Both of these set the stage for a night of fun embodied by children dressing up in the cutest of costumes and innocently going door to door trick or treating.  It is a toss up for my kiddo's over what they love more: the fun holiday decorations, dressing up to go trick or treating, or the part where they get tons of candy just for being cute. Here are 5 practical tips for a better Halloween experience:

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