The Mitsubishi Outlander: IIHS's 2015 Top Safety Pick and Mine

June 2015

When getting a new family vehicle I have found that you don’t want to skimp on comfort and space. I recently tested out the new 2015 Mitsubishi Outlander and it definitely checks off those two boxes. With three rows of seating and room for up to seven people it makes for a great family vehicle. Life with kids can get complicated when it comes to transportation; one day you need seats for your kids and their friends and the next you are attempting to ship off a school project that will take up your whole back seat—you need versatility.

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Straights - Delicious, Chic and Unforgettable.


Recently I did a press trip to Houston sponsored through the GoHouston! As always all opinions are my own.

While on our amazing trip to Houston we were invited to dine at STRAITS Restaurant.

STRAITS menu unites the four major culinary influences of Singapore-Malaysia/Indonesia, Chinese, Indian and Nonya

I wasn't familiar with the cuisine from Singapore and I was afraid it wouldn't be quite to my liking. Wow if I had only known how narrow minded and wrong I was.

If it weren't for this opportunity, my husband and I on our own probably would have chosen a different restaurant and missed out on such a wonderful dining experience.

As soon as we walked in we were greeted by an incredibly friendly staff and seated outside in one of their lovely cabanas.

The air was a perfect temperature and City Centre had live music across the way... it was starting to feel like a scene from a romantic movie.

My husband and I looked at the menu for a few minutes, but we were stuck between a few different options.

Vladimir our waiter suggested we choose the Tender Braised Asian Pork Pot Roast with Chinese Spinach & Pineapple Chutney.

To say "he knew what he was talking about" would be an understatement, but before I get ahead of myself I can't forget to tell you about the Roti Prata.

I can't believe I have been missing out on this my whole life. Do you see those crispy layers? That's heaven somewhere in the middle there.

It's no secret that I am a carb fan, but this is on a whole other level that any other bread, pastry I have ever had.

The Roti Prata comes with a curry that is also top notch, and you don't want to miss it.

I loved this so much that I have now found a recipe online and plan on making this at home.

Unfortunately we don't have a STRAITS Restaurant in Utah or you would find me there every week eating one of these.

I will be sure to let you know how my homemade version turns out.

This was our main course; the Tender Braised Asian Pork Pot Roast with Chinese Spinach & Pineapple Chutney. My mouth is watering just thinking about it right now.

Doesn't it look amazing, my pictures don't even do it justice. The combination of the Chutney and the Pot Roast flavors were heavenly.

I swear they must have had this baby roasting all day, because it was a challenge for it not to melt before it even hit my tongue.

I have never had such succulent and soft pork.

And if you are looking to spend a little less, they encourage ordering dishes to share; family style.

My husband and I shared this, and it was definitely enough for the both of us.

Don't skimp out on dessert! Your sweet tooth will never forgive you...

CHOCOLATE LAVA CAKE - I savored every last bite. The perfect complement to an amazing dinner.

Slightly crunchy outer shell and rich warm chocolate on the inside that comes pouring out once you dig in for that first bite.

If you prefer something with less chocolate (I will try not to judge) you could try the Cheesecake Egg Rolls, like my husband did.

Super moist and rich cheesecake filling wrapped up and dusted with sugar.

I would highly recommend sitting outside, I don't want to sound really old lol, but the music inside was really loud and nothing beats eating incredible food out in the fresh air.

To give you an idea of how friendly they are STRAITS, the manager John came over to our table to make sure we were enjoying our meal, not because I was doing a review on the food, but because it's what he does.

He lives for this restaurant and he genuinely wants to make sure every customer is happy, but this motto doesn't stop at the Houston location this is a huge part of the STRAITS every day.

STRAITS is owned and operated by noted restaurateur, Chris Yeo. “It has always been my dream to have a restaurant to make people happy! Food is my passion and through food I make people smile!” he says.

STRAITS Restaurant Group strives to leave a memorable impression by meeting every guest’s individual needs through great food, environment and genuine service.

Few people know that Chris Yeo began his career as a hairdresser and was once more familiar with cutting hair than steaming dumplings.

Had he not given up his blow-dryer for butane burners, foodies across the country wouldn’t have him to thank for bringing authentic yet modern Singaporean and Chinese cuisine to today’s dining landscape.

So if you happen to be near or pass by Straits Restaurant take a lesson from me; step inside, meet some incredibly friendly people and open your palate to some of the best cuisine you will ever have.

You can also check out their Facebook page for all their latest events and news.


What's Your AWAY? Go RVing This Summer! Plus Enter To Win A FREE TRIP!!

April 2015

Weather is getting warmer, the days are getting longer and that means just one thing to me... it's time to get away! No I'm not trying to flee my home, warm weather makes me want to travel and see new and exciting places. One of my favorite means of travel is by RV there's nothing else like it. Being out on the open road with all the necessities you could ever need right behind you is one of the most freeing traveling experiences you can have. Our family has seen Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone, Acadia National Park, The Mall of America and so much more thanks to RV travel!

If you are considering traveling by RV this summer here is a list of my top 3 favorite destinations and I also have a great treat for you at the end of this post so be sure to read through! Smile

#1 Yellowstone 

This wouldn't be a great list without one of my favorite places on it! On our last trip there we spent nine days soaking up all that Yellowstone has to offer and it was a fantastic trip. It was the first time our kids had seen so much wildlife and they were talking about it for weeks afterward. I can't even begin to express how great it was doing the trip in an RV. We were able to spend a whole day at Yellowstone Lake and didn't have to leave to eat or rest and we just hosed the kids down afterward with the outdoor shower on our RV. The difference between a trip we did a couple of years earlier when we stayed at a hotel and drove through with a car and the same trip in an RV was a huge difference.

The trip with the RV was a million times more relaxing and fun! And the conveniences can't be beat, while visiting one of the hot springs my little girl needed a restroom and as we came up to the one located where we were stopped; there was not only one of the biggest lines for a porta-potty I had seen in a long time, but also a smell that was worse than any of the stinkpots in the park. We were saved by our wonderful RV and all I could think is how bad I felt for the visitors that were in cars and didn't have nice facilities to use. It sounds weird, but when traveling with kids you will be so glad you have a bathroom with you constantly in your RV! Traveling through Yellowstone in a RV is a must! 

#2 Yosemite, California

Yosemite has always been a great travel destination, its beauty is unmatched and has had tourists flocking there all year round. This isn't a hotel destination, when visiting Yosemite you want to be out soaking up the beauty as much as possible and the best way to do that is by RV. With the highest waterfall in North America, the granite dome, El Captain (an amazing vertical rock formation) and beautiful valleys with rivers, lakes and more what's not to love? And visiting it all in an RV is a truly unique experience. To be able to pull up to all that beauty and instantly have a picnic, take a hike or go rock climbing is amazing. You can go here to find some great RV campsites in the park and here to check out some great RVing tips from the experts at Go RVing. 

#3 The Mall of America or any other amusement park

This would definitely be my kids favorite and probably not what you were expecting to see on this list. I think a lot of travelers have a hard time thinking outside of the box when it comes to RV travel, but RV travel doesn't have to be restricted to National Parks and it would be a little sad if it were. The best thing about an RV is it's endless possibilities and the positives it can bring to any vacation anywhere across the country. Those "positives" make a trip to a theme park not only bearable for mom and dad, but survivable! If you have been to a theme park with your kiddos you know how fast you can get worn down and how hard it can be to keep your sanity. With that in mind I was concerned how well it would go when we recently took our kiddos to the Mall of America. If you haven't been there it is amazing!! It's not your grandma's mall that's for sure.

With an amusement park, a climbing course, an aquarium, a Barbie Dreamhouse and more it was a little overwhelming and a lot to fit into one day. After a whole morning of rides with the kids and more pink than I have seen in my whole life the kids and I were more than ready for a little nap, but my husband had plans to see a Spiderman movie in a D-box that makes you feel like you are a part of the movie. Normally it would be a nightmare trying to figure out how we could get back to the hotel while he went to his movie, but that was exactly why we took an RV. The three of us were able to take a much needed little break in the RV and it was a lifesaver to keep us energized and ready to get back to all the fun later in the afternoon. An RV really is the only way to go when visiting a theme park or an amusement park.

I can't even count how many times it would have been amazing to have an RV to retreat to while visiting one of the many theme parks we went to in Orlando. I've seen it all over the faces of so many parents too, that look of just needing a little break from all the chaos! So next time you think about doing a theme park vacation for the family remember that RVing is the way to go! 

Those are just my top three, but there is so much more to explore with an RV and so many amazing destinations! Be sure to check out another favorite; traveling through New England in the Fall! And for even more ideas head over here to discover 10 mustā€see outdoor vacation spots for families.

If you now are anxious to get started on your own RV adventure you won't want to miss this amazing Go RVing Giveaway!!! 

Head over here  and submit a short paragraph of no more than 300 words about an ideal away experience along with your name, email and mailing address.  

o Sweepstakes begins on 4/1/15 on 5/30/15.  

o Grand Prize Winner receives a trip for four (4) to one of 3 

vacation destinations as selected by the Winner for 6 days/5 

nights of their choice.  

o The first Two Thousand Five Hundred (2,500) entrants will 

receive a Scholastic book! 

Be sure to hurry and get those entries in! 


Room and Comfort for the Whole Family - The 2015 Santa Fe Sport 2.0

March 2015

Last week I spoke about my experience with a new van, but I had some readers that are more interested in an SUV to shuffle their families around. That is why I am really excited to show off the new 2015 Santa Fe Sport 2.0, with the Santa Fe Sport seating 5 and the Santa Fe seating up to 7 passengers you can’t go wrong with choosing the Santa Fe for your next family vehicle.

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Moms Like To Rock Too! Rock Out In the 2015 Mitsubishi Lancer!

February 2015
, ,

You know you do it, you try to hide it, you don’t tell your friends, family and you definitely don’t let your neighbors see you do it but once you are out on the open road you turn that music up and you rock out!

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