New Treats On The Block! Weight Watchers Sweet Baked Goods Party!

Sunday, May 31, 2015

I participated in a In-Home Party Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Weight Watchers Sweet Baked Goods. I received product samples to facilitate my review as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

As you all know I am determined to lose weight and get fit again, so I have been looking for some better alternatives to my usual snacking vices. I have found that in the past when I try to completely cut out snacks or treats of any kind I only end up failing and overeating. That’s why I was super excited to see Weight Watchers new line of snacks. Now I know what you are thinking “Weight Watchers, really?” Yes! Weight Watchers! In all honesty I was skeptical at first and was expecting something that tasted like a weight loss product, and to my surprise it was one of the best little snacks I have had in a long time.

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How Stomach Flu Changed My Life - A Brightside To Everything

Wednesday, May 27, 2015

It all started with a weird feeling… did I eat too much for dinner? Did I eat something bad? Oh… this doesn’t feel good, I need to lie down, never mind I need to get up! Porcelain GOD here I come, and here comes the stomach flu! One by one my family members are dropping like flies; everyone is being hit, but wait--two days later they are coming back from the dead yet here I lie on my deathbed and it’s been almost a week! When will the torture end? When will I have the strength to move again? And when will my caffeine withdrawal headache cease?

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Give the Gift of Great Technology This Holiday Season with Panasonic!

Thursday, December 4, 2014


I have been compensated by Panasonic for my participation in this campaign as a part of the Mom It Forward Blogger Network. As always though all my crazy opinions and stories are my own. 

When I say workout, what are some of the first words that pop into your head? Most of you would probably throw out words like: sweat, healthy, or fitness but the first word I think of is, music. I know it sounds odd, but it’s the only thing that gets me through my workout. Maybe one day I will enjoy or appreciate breaking a sweat, but for now I find working out to be incredibly difficult and I need some moral support; that comes in the form of music.

My husband and I both work from home so we like to exercise together, one of the easiest workouts for me is cycling so we head out every week cycling around our area. About a couple of miles in and sweat dripping out of every pore I start hinting to my husband that we have done enough and could start heading back home, he then turns to me looking like he’s out for a leisurely stroll and says “let’s just head to the end of this hill” at this point I am delirious from loss of fluids and I agree, not thinking about the fact I will just have to go back up the hill to get back home. He could cycle a century and find it relaxing, so he thinks it’s no big deal to push me a little further. That’s when I pull out my secret weapon my butt kicking workout music. You know the stuff… with a beat that just wants to make you dance and you use that energy to push you harder.

With awesome music you need some headphones to match which is not easy to find. Headphones are used for so many reasons not just to work out and because of that it can be hard to find a great headset that can keep up with your workout routine. I can’t even count how many headsets of mine have given out due to them saying they were sweat proof, but apparently weren't prepared for the buckets I can pour. I swear whoever tests these quote unquote sweat resistant headphones doesn't actually have any pores.

I was recently sent the: Panasonic pen-Ear Bone Conduction Headphones with Reflective Design - RP-HGS10-W and I was skeptical due to the history I have had with other headsets, I took them out for a spin and even had my husband try them. These were the features it boasted and they all seemed great for any workout, but especially awesome for cycling:

:: Open-ear headphones allow you to hear your surroundings while listening to music

:: Bone conduction technology sends music from cheek bones to inner ear

:: Use rain or shine – these open-ear headphones are water resistant against rain and sweat

:: Bright, reflective headphone design provides added visibility at night

I was ready to test these bad boys out so we hit the road! It can be really dangerous out on the road with cars, buses and the terrifying semi or two that passes you by so you need to be constantly aware of everything around you and you can’t have your hearing completely blocked, so that is the first thing I really notice with these. I could hear my music, but also hear cars other cyclists and my husband next to me.

This is crucial for me to be able to stay sharp and safe. The next thing I noticed is the headset wasn't absorbing all of my sweat and it didn't feel uncomfortable, it felt great! I didn't feel like it was glued to my head with sweat by the time we got back home. It felt like headphones are supposed to, light, comfortable and pushing me to my goals. You don't have to be a cyclist or even workout to appreciate these headphones, they were great while I was cleaning around the house as well. I could get all my cleaning done and yet still hear if a kid needed me or if my phone was ringing. If you are looking for the perfect gift this Christmas or need these for yourself be sure to head over here and grab the Panasonic Open-Ear Bone Conduction Headphones! 

Unfortunately with winter right around the corner my husband and I will have to workout indoors. The other day it was around 35 degrees and there was no way I was going outside in that cold! We headed to the basement to workout and decided to try out the Panasonic Link2Cell Digital Phone with iPhone5 Integration Handsets we just received. Now this thing has some crazy features, it looks like a home phone, but is so much more! We started our workout and synced up our phone. It says that it's for a Iphone 5, but don't worry if you don't have an Iphone you just won't be able to dock your phone, but you can enjoy all the other amazing features. After syncing up our cell phone we were able to play music through the base and hear all our favorite tunes we have on the phone. This also came in handy later when I was cooking dinner, I love listening to music while cooking and my kiddos love dancing around the kitchen while waiting for dinner and it stops the demands of, "mom when is dinner going to be done?".

Another awesome feature that came in handy while we were working out is the handset will tell us if anyone is calling and also who is texting. If I had to stop working out for every text I get I would never make it through my workout! Now I can know if it's important enough for me to stop or if I can deal with it when I'm done, and I don't even need to have my phone in the same room! My phone can be in a completely different spot in my home and the handset will do everything I would need. I love that you don't need a landline for this to work, to be completely honest I am done with landlines. If you like having a landline or already have one this system can work with it, but isn't necessary. If you have an iPhone this will be a great new way for you to keep your phone charged and reduce more cords. It's the perfect buddy system for your cell phone and would make a perfect gift for anyone! Panasonic is the way to go this holiday season for all your technology needs! For other great holiday ideas, visit


In Moments Of Doubt Close Your Eyes And Imagine Yourself One Year From Now...

Wednesday, May 29, 2013


As I sit here eating M&M's and down a 32oz Mt. Dew, I realize I need to stop and evaluate where I am going and what I am doing.

I started putting up workout motivation and workout related post back in March and it is now May and I am failing at being healthy.

I was so proud that I started in March and thought I had plenty of time before the summer to slim down a little bit and to change my bad habits.

I don't know why it is so hard for me, I lack the discipline, drive and focus that most people have.

My husband has been able to break down those walls and can push himself to the limits if needed, but somehow I haven't been able to do the same.

Today I would normally be posting a Workout Wednesday post, but I feel it would all be a lie if I did.

I did this workout poster a little while back and now I find myself talking to my former self that posted it thinking "wow could I have oversimplified it any more!" lol

I am tired of starting over, but it feels like I am always giving up!

I am not posting this to say "poor me" or to be super negative, but to show that even with the best intentions, sometimes failure will follow.

I have now gained everything back that I lost from March until now, but that doesn't mean I should give up.

I will keep going, I know unfortunately it will be a struggle. It won't be easy for me, but being overweight everyday isn't exactly a picnic.

So here is my workout motivation for you today... 

imagine yourself one year from now. Are you happy with the way you are? Are you doing now what you need to be doing to be happy and healthy then?

I know that I'm not, and I'm going to hate myself for it later. So I need to start today, not tomorrow, not the next day or next Monday, but today!

I believe it is really hard to do it all on your own though, so I would love to hear what is going on in your life.

Are you a fitness queen or do you feel you could use a push? I would love to hear not only your successes but also your failures (because we all have them)

I would like to encourage you to use what I have been using for a while which is Map My because I believe your success will be greater if you document what you do!

I have created a Mamas Spot Group so we can join together to help one another out!!

Just head over here and request to join to be part of the Mamas Spot Fit and FREE Divas!

I think as a combine effort we will see greater success!



About Mamas Spot

We are a family of four that left it all behind to go travel the world. No, literally we left it all. We sold all of our possessions, packed what we could into four suitcases and said goodbye to suburban life. All we own is now pulled behind us as we travel to new and exciting destinations. Showing our kids the world and teaching them about new cultures, food, and ways of life is now our 9-5.

We love watching our kids learn, and learning along side them. Together we have now explored many new countries, visited family on the other side of the world, and made memories that will last a lifetime.

Welcome to our journey!