Rockboard Motorized Scooters As Low As $89!! Plus Free Shipping!

September 2011


Starting to look for that special Christmas present for your little one (or not so little one)?

This would definitely blow them away! Here is another great Totsy find!

Somehow I went right past this earlier! Right now you can grab a Rockboard Scooter for $99!

Also on Totsy they have a magazine rebate for $10 (on purchases over $45)! Making this only $89!

I'm not sure why they do these magazine rebates, but I love them!

If you aren't sure what a magazine rebate is... a lot of sites will give you a free subscription to a magazine with your purchase, but you can also forfeit the magazine and instead get a rebate for the value of the magazine (in this case $10)

To grab this deal:

:: Head over here if you are new to Totsy (you will also get free shipping)

:: Head over here if you already have an account

You can grab the $10 rebate from here. Please read the instructions completely, so you can get your $10.

I would have loved having one of these as a kid! Although I think I would have had all the neighbors running! Laughing



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