Yay Free Pizza!

September 2011

So guess what we had for dinner? (no... not glass Laughing) Free Domino's pizza! I hope everyone else got some!

We have been doing a no eating out plan for the past little bit, so it was nice to eat out for free!!

I was a little surprised at how tiny the pizza was, I had to make a salad with it, to really have it be a meal.

It was pretty good pizza, but I don't think I would pay the full price of $7.99 for it.

The kiddos really liked it!

It kind of made me think though... when I tell people that I have a deal blog that I post a lot of freebies on, sometimes I get the very negative

comment that "nothing in life is free". I hate when people say that because there is so much that is free!

I can't imagine not going after freebies or trying to get the best deal. I can't imagine how much money I would be wasting!

Some freebies take a little work or the right timing, but if you can grab them I feel it's worth it.

Every freebie you get is less money you would spend! We have a very small food budget, so anytime we can offset it with a freebie I'm happy!!

Now... there is no way you will ever be able to grab every single freebie out there, but just grab what you can!

Plenty of thing in life are free, you just have to go after them! Laughing


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