Would You Like Some Crayon For Dinner?

January 2012

So we have a crayon eater in our house, and no matter how hard I have tried I cannot brake him of it!

I will give him and my little girl crayons to color with and he will use it for about a minute, and them decide that it's better for eating than coloring.

So I have to hide them away and my little girl can only color when he is napping.

Today while he was napping I let her color on a window with our window crayons.

Well it appears he has figured out a way to still eat crayon!

I saw him looking out the window and then a few seconds later this is what he looked like. 

He goes up to the window and licks the crayon off! I know I feed him enough Laughing so I guess he likes the taste for some reason!

It does make for a nice little goatee though. Haha


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