*HOT* Preschool Prep Award Winning Learning System Starting at Only $7!! Plus FREE Shipping! We use this!

April 2012


Ok... so I am gong to get on my soap box again today. lol

I saw this deal for Preschool Prep on Totsy and I knew I had to tell you about it because this is the best learning series I have ever found!!

If you haven't seen these before you (and your kiddos) are missing out!

I got meet the numbers a while ago for my little girl because I felt like nothing I was trying to teach her was sinking in (probably just overreacting)

So I had her watch "Meet The Numbers" and I could see with in a matter of minutes that it was clicking!

After watching it twice she could tell me all of her numbers and she was pointing out numbers everywhere we went!

So I had to try the rest a the series and the same thing happened with the rest of the videos.

My little boy was able to know the ABC's, his shapes, colors and numbers before 18 months.

I love that these are bright, colorful and amazingly engaging! My kiddos never get bored of them!

And they didn't fill them with unnecessary filler stuff, it's all educational. These are award winning videos and when you watch them you can understand why.

The videos are only $7 today on Totsy, plus new customers can get FREE shipping!!

They also have books and other learning materials. This deal ends today so you will have to hurry!


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