My Top Secret for Navigating NYC!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

As many of you know, I recently headed to one of my favorite cities in the world – The Big Apple. Manhattan is so small in size compared to where I live and yet once you start walking around you quickly realize how much you need an alternate form of transportation.

Now you can take the subway or a taxi, but you will miss so much of NYC as you sit underground or zip through. So you might be wondering then… what is the best way to see everything without having sore feet?  You need something above ground that can take you to different attractions and site at your own leisure, you need a bike! There are a lot of bike rental places in NYC, but as my husband found out on our first trip to New York most shops just want to get you a bike as quickly as possible and over charge you for one of the worst bikes you will ever ride on.

We thought our bikes were going to fall apart as we rode through Central Park! That’s how bad they were. So for this last trip we looked into some other options, we really wanted to bike around NYC and especially Central Park, but we needed bikes we could feel confident on. The last thing you want in a busy crowded city is a bike that can break and a company that won’t care. I looked further into reviews of great bike rental companies and I came across Bike n’ Roll. They had some great reviews, plenty of locations and appeared to have quality bikes.

As we walked up to the location at Central Park we saw tons of high quality Trek bikes, this was already a great sign as I love Trek bikes! We hopped on our bikes and they came equipped with a front pouch for any belongings, a bike lock, and a helmet. All the necessities you could need! We took off and it was a smooth comfortable ride and my feet were glad for the break. We decided to check out Central Park first, and biking Central Park is really the only way to go. Central Park is huge and the best way to see it all is on bike.

After we were done with Central Park it was getting later and we went to check on when the bikes needed to go back. Luckily the location we got them from stays open till 9:30, and we still had plenty of time to explore the city on our Bike n’ Roll bikes.
Nothing feels better than rolling through the streets on a warm summer night checking out all the buildings and sites. I was so happy with the quality of our bikes, the ride was smooth, the seats were comfy and the gears shifted well.

Don't be afraid to take your bikes through the city! I am a huge Colbert fan and on our ride we happened across the Late Show thanks to some meandering through the city on our bikes. There are a lot of great bike paths in the city that are perfectly safe like this one on Broadway.

We had such a great experience that the next day we decided to get bikes to cross the Brooklyn Bridge with Bike n’ Roll. It was a really hot day and we were super grateful to be biking over the bridge than slowly walking over it. Bike n’ Roll gave us the opportunity to enjoy so many great sites in New York and I would highly recommend them to anyone visiting NYC. 

I was provided passes to facilitate my review, all opinions as always are my own. 


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