Our First Class Experience with Sixt Car Rental

Monday, March 13, 2017

On our recent trip to England we knew we wanted to break out of London and head to the country side and other great cities. We have done many road trips around the US, and we wanted to get experience in the UK. This presented some new challenges, i.e., driving on the other side of the road, but we were ready to give it a go!

As with most destinations there were many car hire (rental car) options, but I wanted to know that we would have a stress free experience with no hassle. It can be nerve racking renting a car in another country and I wanted to get a car from someone I knew I could trust and that would get me into the best car possible. I didn’t need to be driving down the street in a Ferrari, but I wanted a good car that would be a great fit for our family.
Sixt Car rental has exceptional ratings, reviews, and they were the winner of the 2016 British Travel Awards. I knew I could count on them to take care of our family for this fantastic road trip!

We arrived in London tired and weary (like most family travelers) and we just wanted to get in our car and get out on the road. I was super impressed with how thorough yet swift they were to get us into our car. They were diligent in making sure we were happy with the vehicle and even made sure it would fit our entire luggage.

They put us in a Mercedes estate and it was perfect for our family. We were super excited to start our adventure in this car and I was very happy with our Sixt experience.

Dropping off the car didn’t quite go as smoothly. We were dropping it off at a different airport and it was really difficult to figure out where to take the car. The signs at the airport were so confusing! We ended up one car park over from the Sixt drop off area, and were completely lost on how to get where we needed to be! It was also down pouring so it wasn’t very easy to read the signs.

I decided that instead of spending the next 30 minutes circling around trying to figure it out, I would run over to the Sixt building and ask an employee for directions. Instead of telling us where to go, they immediately handed me an umbrella (which I desperately needed) and told me they would come grab the car from us and we didn’t have to move it at all. I was so impressed! Two employees ran with me out in the rain over to a neighboring parking lot and drove the car to where it needed to be.

That was above and beyond customer service and they now have a new customer for life! I would highly recommend you head over here to see where you can rent a Sixt car for your next vacation!

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