Desperate For a Good Night's Sleep? Give Voila A Try!

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Mattresses… they can seem like such an inconsequential item in your house right? That is until your head hits your pillow at night and all you desire is a good night’s sleep. We need a good fridge to keep food, an oven to cook that food and many more items in our homes to make our lives happy and healthy, but what about the important role that a good mattress plays in our lives? We depend on a good night’s sleep to function at our best the next day, but when it comes to buying a mattress we sometimes decide to take a shortcut; to let our budgets rule over what we know will be the best mattress for our needs. All we are doing is shortchanging ourselves in the long run.

Can you truly find the perfect mattress by spending just one afternoon in a showroom; laying down on a mattress for five minutes is definitely not the same as spending night after night on one. I once bought a couch from a furniture showroom and I was absolutely positive it was the best couch and would be perfect for our family. It was super comfortable and looked amazing. Well… after about half a month I started to notice the cushions were starting to sink inward. I was so upset, I thought I had bought something great and it ended up being a dud. The only difference is though; I didn’t have to sleep on my couch. (Thank goodness) 

A mattress was meant to be an investment and it’s one that should be carefully researched and planned. This is something you will be using for hopefully 8 hours every day. I don’t believe there is any other product in our homes that gets used for as many hours. As a mom my sleep can be interrupted and disturbed enough as is (thanks to my little monsters), I don’t need to be tossing and turning because of my mattress. I want to feel like the sandman is carrying me off into the clouds, not like he accidentally dropped me on a pile of rocks.

For these reasons and so many more I am in love with my Voila Mattress. To be completely honest I was super excited when I first learned that I could buy a mattress online and skip the salesmen and leaving my house. I’m a bit antisocial and therefore the whole experience of going out to buy a mattress just isn’t appealing. I am an online shopper through and through! Years and years ago though when I ordered my first mattress online there were no guarantees. Once you bought it, it was yours. It was like driving a car off the lot; big investment and only started depreciating once you had it. I had relied on what little reviews there were. Oh boy! How times have changed! Thank goodness right?!

Now everything online has a million reviews and good companies will back up their products. Good companies like Voila are backing up their products because they have something they are proud of and know that you will love. They are so proud of this mattress that they offer a 100-day guarantee! If you decide you don’t love your new Voila mattress, they offer a 100 Day Comfort Guarantee. This gives you plenty of time to really know if this is the mattress for you!

Now you can sit in your PJ’s and in less than two minutes order the best mattress that you will love. You may want to put on some pants though when the delivery guy drops off your Voila Mattress. Ordering from Voila is so incredibly easy and straight forward. Check out my ordering video below:

Once it arrives is when the magic happens though. Unbox this baby and bring a piece of heavenly bliss into your bedroom! Once you lay down on your Voila you will know you made the right choice. Check out my unboxing video below:

At Voila they’re re-evolving the boxed mattress industry by putting quality and technology back into the mattress. Not only have they upgraded the coil springs with pocket coils (completely reducing the risk of getting a stray spring in the back), but additionally they’ve added layers of memory foam, gel memory foam, latex foam, triple-layer edge support, and much more. The Voila mattress is the same high-quality luxury mattress that can be found in a showroom but for a third or even a quarter of the price, and that’s awesome!

Voila has really thought of everything with their mattresses including a support system on the side of the mattress to prevent sagging over time. There is nothing worse than feeling like your mattress is falling apart the closer and closer you get the edge. Sleep is a big deal around our house and my husband and I want only the best.

Unfortunately, sometimes we end up being each other’s enemy at night. He snores and I occasionally sleep walk (oh yeah, it’s fun at our house). So we don’t need to add more issues by feeling every time the other person moves around. I don’t need to know that he turned over onto his stomach at 2:45 AM. Some mattresses you can feel every little movement, but not with the Voila Mattress. You can count on a still and perfect sleep. The Voila Mattress additionally was made with built in temperature control. A high-end mesh fabric and gel-infused memory foam keeps you at a perfect temperature all night long.

So far I have had the Mattress for about a month now and it’s still just as fantastic as the first time I laid down on it. I can’t recommend Voila enough and I hope my review helps you to make the leap and get your own Voila Mattress. After all, every super mom needs a great night sleep!

A big thank you to Voila for providing our family with a mattress in order to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.


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