MindKoo Unicat Headphones – This year’s Best Stylish Gift and Companion!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

Our family always tries to pack as light as possible, but we all have our “must pack” items that go with us everywhere. All of us can agree that music is important for our journey and we have to have headphones to listen on planes and car rides. My daughter has taken this to a whole other level though with her MindKoo Unicat Wireless Headphones. Not only does she look incredibly cute every time I look back from the front seat of a car, but these adorable headphones are also super practical and perfect for travel.

They are wireless so I don’t have to worry about tangled or damaged cords and when we aren’t sitting somewhere they give her the freedom to dance around. Aside from the great quality and cuteness they also light up with LED lights! Every parent knows that anything that lights up is definitely cool. As a parent I am super impressed with the battery life of the headphones. With lights on the battery will last 5 hours and with lights off 8!

With how easily they fold I know they will always fit in her backpack, although most of the time she just wants them on top of her head. The bluetooth 4.2 allows you to connect it to any Bluetooth-enabled device including iPad, iPhone, Android phones, music players and more.

These MindKoo Unicat Headphones are now by far the most important thing in her suitcase and she won’t leave the house without them. Can you guess what all her friends want now? lol

Best part about the MindKoo Unicat Headphones? You can easily grab them for your kiddos too! Head over here and snag them for 40% off! You can order them right off of Amazon as well! Right now MindKoo is also offering a giveaway of 30 pieces, head over here to enter! (black headphones only). The purrfect gift for any kid! (excuse the pun)

A big thank you to MindKoo for providing our family with headphones in order to facilitate this review, all opinions are my own.


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