Angry Birds Activity Park: Awesome Experience for Kids and Adults

Monday, November 13, 2017

I have a special place I want to share with you today! As a family we are always on the lookout for new and fun activities for our kids to experience, but on our recent trip to Johor we found a place that our kids will never forget: The Angry Birds Activity Park. We had such a blast playing around here that I just had to share this experience with all of you!

As soon as I saw that this was an activity park and not a theme park I knew it was going to be a completely different experience. As a tip you will need to plan for at least one day to spend here. Your kids will be begging not to go!

The visuals alone when walking into the park were so amazing they have really done an amazing job at making this a complete Angry Birds adventure. The characters are everywhere and the whole building is super colorful. Once inside you remove your shoes and they give all the kids a drop of antibacterial gel. As a parent that’s always worried about germs I was super happy with this. You can really see that they do a fantastic job at making the park look brand new and having everyone remove shoes really helps with this too.

In total there are five different areas to the park all filled with their own activities. There is also an area for younger kids which has a super soft floor. As a parent if you need a break and want to let the kids run around on their own there is a parent’s area that you can just sit back and chill at.

Here are just a few of the fun activities:

Laser Maze

Piggy Shooting Gallery

Foam Pit Leap

Bird Wire Slack Line

Anti-Gravity Trampoline

Parkour Track

Go Cart Track


Those are just a few of the cool activities, I could go on but there are just too many to list!

It’s obvious why kids love it here, but as a parent I loved that these were activities helping them to either be physically active or expanding their minds and using their imaginations. As a parent I thought I would just go and chill in the parents area, but it turned out that I was able to play on everything too and absolutely loved it! Adults can have a blast jumping on the trampolines, jumping in the foam pit and even playing a game of laser maze with your kids.

In my opinion The Angry Birds Park is an incredible family bonding experience that everyone can enjoy! We stayed and played all day until they closed and had a blast together as a family. After closing they had a special treat for us and they performed to some music. I can’t think of a better way to spend the day and I highly recommend you check it out too!


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