Tick Tock Turtle: The Best Sleep Tool For Any Child!

Tuesday, November 13, 2018

Nighttime can be a difficult time for any parent. Getting kids to sleep through the night can be one heck of a challenge and sometimes no matter what tricks or tips you try nothing will work. I recently came across the perfect solution though and I am excited to introduce you to the Tick Tock Turtle from Emagine A. Routine is a huge key in getting kids to be on a schedule and The Tick Tock Turtle knows just what to do to help this process.

One of the coolest features of The Tick Tock Turtle is the on-board gyro sensor that detects your child’s movement and senses when they are in their lightest sleep cycle. The turtle waits until your child is in a light sleep cycle and gently wakes them up. The gradual light mimics gentle sunlight to wake kids up in the best way possible. I think we can all agree a gentle wake up is the best way to wake up!

One of my favorite features is that the Tick Tock Turtle will let your kids know when it’s too early for them to get up as well. We all know how bad the 4 AM wakeup call is and how hard it can be to get a child to go back to sleep. With Tick Tock Turtle your kid can easily see that the turtle is in “nighttime” mode and that it’s not time to get up yet. This makes it so you can sleep better too!

As you can probably guess the Tick Tock Turtle also doubles as a great night light, I love products that can multitask, don’t you? We have also recently discovered that the Tick Tock Turtle is great as a timer; you can easily use it for timeouts, monitoring TV time, activities and more. If you have kids like mine that tend to drop things a lot, you can feel at eases knowing that the Tick Tock Turtle is incredibly rugged. My kids have already dropped it several times, but the cute little thing has stayed perfectly intact every time.

In the last month that we have had the Tick Tock Turtle sleep in our house has improved so much for everyone and I can’t imagine Kai (our Tick Tock Turtle) not being a permanent member of our house.

Want to see how Tick Tock Turtle can better improve your child’s sleep patterns? Head over here to grab your own Tick Tock Turtle that comes in several bright happy colors.

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A big thank you to EmagineA for sponsoring this review, all opinions are my own.


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