Are you ready for Holiday guests? 5 Easy Ways to get your home ready!

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

The holidays can always be a stressful time. Whether you have overnight guests or just dinner guests it can be hard to get your home completely ready for them. Today I have some of my top tips to really make sure you and your home are ready for anything. With these tips you will be ready for anything from one guest to twenty!

Declutter – Just clearing away some of the extra odds and ends lying around can make a great difference and it’s a wonderful first step in preparing your home. You don’t want a great aunt tripping over shoes or a young child accidentally putting something in their mouth that they shouldn’t. If everything is properly stored an put away all of the guest will have more relaxed time in your home.

Little Touches - You’d be amazed what a few candles or some simple flower arrangements can do for a room. If you’re worried a certain room in your home is a little too drab or bleak spruce it up with some scented candles and pretty flowers. As a tip: make sure the candles are all the same scent as to not overwhelm the room with different smells. A small basket of goodies also goes a long way; I recommend bottled water, a few magazines, favorite snacks, coffee and tea. Also if you have overnight guests be sure to add some nightlights as they will be staying in a new environment and might need some extra help in the night.

Necessities – Even if your mother or a friend has been to your home many times they might not always remember where everything is. Be sure to have all necessities out in easy to access and view areas. This will also prevent you being asked all night long where different items are and having to track them down for your guests. One of these necessities is toilet paper. No guest wants to have to come and ask you where you keep extra rolls. Be sure to display those in a nice a pretty way somewhere easily seen in your bathroom. Also have a plunger handy just in case. For overnight guest be sure to set out extra towels, toothpaste, toothbrushes, soap and anything else you think they might need.

Simple is Best – We can all get carried away with decorations from time to time, but we need to remember that it’s a home we are decorating and not a shopping mall. Your guests want to feel the holiday spirit, but not be overwhelmed by it. Simple and clean décor is really best.

Curb Appeal – You might find yourself so busy inside the house that you forget about the outside! For those in colder temperatures make sure you have a clear walking path for your guests. No one wants an accident or spill to happen on their front steps. If you have a driveway make sure this is clear for your guests to park in. Also be sure to put out a seasonal mat to wipe shoes on a festive wreath to really make your guests instantly feel welcome.

My number one tip is always to take a deep breath in, enjoy your guest, and be sure to relax and enjoy the holidays!


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