Happy Father's Day!

June 2011


I hope everyone is having a great Father's Day! Mother's Day always gets hyped up (with good cause), but I think Father's don't always get the recognition they deserve.

So happy Father's day to all those great Dad's who work really hard to provide for their families! You deserve to relax and enjoy this day that is just for you!


Speaking of great Father's, I want to thank my Dad for everything he has done for me. My Dad worked really hard to provide us with a home and food and anything we needed.

Sometimes he would work two or three jobs, he sacrificed so much for me and I can never repay him. Thank you Dad, I love you so much!


I also want to thank my Husband who has also sacrificed a lot. You are such a wonderful father to our two babies and I am so blessed to have such a wonderful husband!

You work so hard to make our family happy and I am so grateful for everything you do! You are the best Father & Husband we could ask for! I love you babe!


So sit back and relax Dad's and have a Happy Father's Day!



April 2011


Ahhh... Is there anything more peaceful than a child sleeping? I don't think so (other than maybe two sleeping children Smile) Apparently shopping wore them out today.

I especially love when my little girl falls asleep, she is two which means she is constantly running around (usually screaming).

So it was so nice to hug and kiss her and have her hold still! I always cherish moments like these.


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