The Red Rock Casino & Resort - Everything You Need Under One Roof

When staying in Vegas most travelers only think about “on strip” lodging, but it’s a huge mistake to limit yourself. There are probably more options than you realize “off strip” and there are some truly amazing resorts; case in point is The Red Rock Casino & Resort. Not only does The Red Rock Casino & Resort have so much more to offer you, but you also can skip all the other tourists and crowds. I have found that with most places you travel to, the locals know best, and Vegas and The Red Rock Casino & Resort is no exception as it’s where the locals come to play. For me the keyword is “Resort”, which for me means more amenities and more fun. After the holiday craziness I know I could definitely use some amenities and fun - how about you?

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The Library Hotel Collection Gives You More!

I love hotels with a theme, a niche, that something extra special. I’m a sucker for “cute” or “unique”, but I like it done in a classy way. I don’t want cheesy Disneyland theming; I can get that directly from Disney. I want something I can be proud of showing off to my friends and sharing the uniqueness with them. It’s not easy though to find a hotel that meets those standards. That’s why I was floored when I came across the Library Hotel Collection.

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Langham Place New York - Details, Service and More

I’ve heard the saying since I was a child; it’s all in the details. Until I became an adult I didn’t truly understand what that meantand until my recent stay at The Langham Place Hotel in NYC I hadn’t seen it put to action so well. When staying at a five-star hotel you get accustomed to the perks and know what to expect, so when you go to another five star hotel and they surpass those perks and expectations I am impressedLangham Place NYC did just that. 

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Holiday Inn Lincoln-Downtown: Everything You Could Need for a Stay in Lincoln!

We recently headed to Lincoln Nebraska and I floored at how much I loved this fantastic little city! You never realize how many amazing cities there are until you start exploring a little further. You also never realize how many great hotels there are until you do a little exploring with that as well. While in Lincoln we decided to stay at The Holiday Inn Lincoln-Downtown. Not only was this a great hotel, but it was within walking distance of everything. It was only a short walk to great restaurants, shops, and a movie theater. 

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Best Western Denver Southwest: Digging up a Hidden Gem for Family Travelers

When searching for a great hotel I would always recommend digging further than just the first page of Expedia. This should always be a rule when traveling with kids as well. When planning a family vacation run-of-the-mill just won’t do. You want a hotel that brings something more than just comfortable beds. Even when it comes to a simpler destination like Denver Colorado, you’d be amazed what you might come across if you do a little more research. Because I did a little more hotel research for our recent Denver trip I came across a gold mine! I found the Best Western Denver Southwest!

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