How To Make Adorable Printed On Gift Bags!


Here’s What You’ll Need:

Computer with Word/Photoshop
Paper Bags (Brown or White)
Scotch Tape
Hole Punch

You’ll want to begin by creating a document in Word. You’ll need to change the paper size to fit your bag. For my Word program I went to File, Page Setup, and then Paper Size. You can then customize your size and save the paper size. The paper size I used was 5×10 for a standard lunch bag.
Once you’ve created your document, get creative! There are a ton of free fonts out there to download! I’ve created eight different printables for you. My bags were based on sayings that I say often or that I love. The two printables are available in 2 PDF files. Four four in black and four in color.
Now you’re ready to prep and print! In order to keep your bag from tearing or getting jammed in the printer, you need to use some Scotch tape. You don’t need much, but you need to tape the top shut, as well as, taping down the bottom flap.

Once they’re printed, all you need to do is fold the top down. Then hole punch, and tie your ribbon! And voila!

These would be great for teacher gifts, Back to School bags for students, birthday bags, or party favor bags! The possibilities are limitless!!! Enjoy creating!

Original creation here.


DIY: Beautiful Custom Mouse Pad!

Isn't this just so pretty? I absolutely love this idea from Entirely Eventful Day!

Here is how to make yours:

:: Start with a transparent desk pad. (you can find these at Office supply stores or IKEA for really cheap)
:: Spray the bottom of the pad with Elmer's Glue Brand spray adhesive. 
:: Position the pad sticky side up on the ground and rolled the wrapping paper over it. Make sure to line up the bottom edges for a nice straight line. 
:: Cut off the roll part of the wrapping paper and flipped the mat over. 
:: Trim around the edges of the mat and you are all done! 

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How awesome is that?


Entertaining Kids On A Budget: 15 Awesome Ways to Play with Cornstarch!


We have an awesome list of fun activities for the kiddos to do with Cornstarch today!!

I love the frozen popsicle chalk!! Isn't that so cool!! Almost looks good enough to eat! lol

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Make It Yourself Monday: DIY Vitamin C Serum for Under $10!! Fight Off Signs Of Aging!


If you have shopped around for serums to brighten your skin and make it look healthier, then you know that those same serums come with a high price tag.

I was looking for a Vitamin C Serum a little while ago and I headed over to the Body shop to find that it would cost me $27!!

Now I know that for some that may not seem like a lot, but for this money saving mama it was!

So I decided to do a little research to see what most serums contained and found that it's pretty easy and a lot cheaper to make your own.

Here is what you will need:

:: Start with a dark colored glass bottle. (this will help it last longer) You can snag a 12 pack here or a 6 pack here.

:: %100 vegetable glycerine (this will make your skin super soft!)

:: Vitamin C powder

I also love doing this because I can make a ton of it! This will give you plenty for yourself and you can even make some as gifts!

Your friends will love you for this!! Smile


:: Mix 2 tsp of vegetable glycerine and 1 tsp of Vitamin C powder until completely dissolved.

:: Pour your serum into your glass bottle.

:: Apply 2-3 drops onto your skin at night after you have washed off your face.

:: Thoroughly Massage into your skin.

Be sure to keep this in a cool dry place for it to last as long as possible.

This stuff is amazing!! Your skin will look younger and softer! Vitamin C has an natural brightening effect that will get rid of dark spots and it will make your skin glow. 

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Make It Yourself Monday: Camping & Survival Tip! How To Make Your Own Fire-Starters!

I think everyone who has gone camping has been in the position where no matter what you do you just cant get a fire going!

Well I have an awesome "Make It Yourself Monday" tip that will make sure you will never have that problem again!

Here is what you will need:

:: Laundry Lint

:: Toilet Paper Rolls (without the TP)

That's right it's that simple! And I love that this reuses items that you would normally never have a use for again! I mean what would you ever reuse lint for normally? 

Just stuff the tubes full of lint and save them for when you go camping. These are also great to put in your emergency kit!

I made a cute little camping kit for a friend and included these in it, she is now going to make sure her family doesn't throw away lint anymore. And if you need log tongs you can find them here. 

Our family loves camping so be sure to look out for all sorts of awesome camping tips and tricks in the next few months! 

And if you're looking to add a little fun to the fire be sure to grab these fire color packets here. We use these every time we go camping and our kids love them.  They are the cheapest I have come across that work really well! You can get a pack of 12 or 25 that will last you for most of the summer. These always take our camping fun up a notch and we can't wait to see what colors will happen. 

Below are a few more things (all very highly rated) I can't live without when camping: 

Inflatable Lounger

This amazing lounger is my best friend when camping or chilling at home! I love how many designs this comes in and how easy it is to set up. While my husband and kids go on a hike I will sit back in this and read a book or just enjoy nature. It is by far my favorite thing when camping. No pump required for this air lounger. Just a few scoops of air and it's ready to hangout in. This is a must-have for any BBQ, Pool Party, Beach, Hike, Concert, or Camping Trip. Folding to 12"x 8"x 4"and fitting in its own carrying bag with shoulder strap, this air sofa is ready to be taken anywhere with you! Made with craftsmanship and high-quality Ripstop fabric that is lightweight, comfortable and strong enough to support 400lbs!

Check this out here!

Sleeping Pad

If you're like me and want to experience camping, but don't want to have to visit a chiropractor afterward you absolutely need this amazing sleeping pad. No mouth blowing, no extra pump, wide sleeping pad features a built-in foot pump. It takes only 2mins to fully inflate this thick queen sleeping pad by foot pressing, no mouth, no hands, clean and hygienic, even kids can finish inflating. Ultra-thick waterproof 40D nylon and TPU eco-friendly materials, durable and tear-resistant, make this compact sleeping pad perfect for harsh environments. Ideal for family camping, hiking, backpacking, car trips, or for guests at home! Trust me your back will thank you! 

Check it out here! 

And my last camping Must-Have is these Venture Camping wipes. These are a lifesaver! When camping with kids or even by yourself these are necessary. These are large body wipes that are biodegradable so they're perfect for camping. These will keep you feeling fresh and clean through your entire camping trip. Packed in single-use pouches for your convenience. They’re perfect for waterless wash during hiking and camping. They make ideal pet wipes and gym wipes, too. Made using natural fibers, they leave less impact on the environment.

Be sure to grab some here! 

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