Was It All Just A Dream? A Not So Ordinary Day In The Life Of Me...


My alarm buzzed loudly at its usual time... by the way my alarm is 4 years old and she has no volume control. Haha!

I threw the covers over my head and tried to pretend like I wasn't there, the voices in my head (aka my hubby) told me to stay in bed.

Just then two little giggling monkeys broke down my king size fortress of sleeping solitude and made it into a castle for a little prince and a princess.

I decided to give into the prince and princesses demands and head to their room to turn on cartoons.

My little girl wanted to watch Dora, but luckily it was my little boys birthday so it was his choice and he wanted to watch SuperWhy.

I know a kids show shouldn't get under my skin, but she does!

I mean she's multilingual at a young age and somehow she can't find things right next to her and can't figure out how to cross a bridge on her own! lol

I think this graph pretty much sums it up.

Once the kids get me up in the morning it's hopeless to go back to bed, but I thought while they were happy watching cartoons I would take a relaxing bath in our awesome garden tub.

After getting dressed, it's time for breakfast!

Since it was my little boys birthday I decided to make chocolate chip pancakes to sooth their rumbling tummies.

My kiddos pulled up a bar stool and started to help me mix.

They started putting all the ingredients into the bowl, but unfortunately my little girl completely missed the bowl when she was putting in the flour.

I turned around after getting milk out of the fridge

and you can imagine my surprise...

flour was covering the counter top and coated the whole floor!

I was way to busy freaking out to take a pic. sorry to those who want proof that their kid isn't the only one who makes disasters. Laughing

Luckily it wasn't wet flour and I just grabbed the broom and the vacuum out of the hall closet and it was cleaned up in no time.

After breakfast I throw all the dishes in the dishwasher and it's time to head to the store.

(She's trying to skip ahead by 12 years! No thank you! Laughing)

The kids hopped into our Toyota Sienna from Karl Malone Auto Body and Paint and we zipped over to Target, I had a huge stack of coupons that were burning a whole in my pocket. 

Couldn't wait to get the weeks hottest Target deals!

Once we got back, the kiddos helped me fill up the pantry and fridge with all of our awesome coupon finds.

I moved on in my chores for the day by popping in a load of laundry into the washer.

After going to the store the kiddos needed a little bit of time to just run around and be kids, so we headed off to the park!

The park is just up the street and my kids LOVE this park!

It has a whole castle them that brings out the imagination in both me and the kids.

We spent at least an hour and a half pretending to be royalty and then pretending to be knights defending the castle.

The natives are restless and starving,

so it was time to get lunch going. Sandwiches, chips, yogurt and Sunny D makes for an easy lunch that I get no complaints on.

It was such a beautiful day it would be a shame not to eat outside.

As you can see they love eating outside and enjoying the sunshine, and I love not having a mess and crumbs all over the kitchen!

While we were eating we spotted a little lizard, so we used our $1 bug catching kits to get a closer look at it.

My little girl then wanted to jump in the pool and go swimming. Can you tell she loves her floatation toys?

I can't believe how much she loves water. Apparently I should have done a water birth when I had her. Haha!

While the kids were swimming my hubby and my nephews decided to enjoy our game room. Awesome place to have for the kids and the kids at heart.

You could find us in here anytime it rains and we can't be out swimming.

I don't have a pool, or a game room, or king size bed but it definitely feels like home! How can that be?

I realize the next morning that it wasn't a dream, a dream come true maybe... but this was a reality a reality made possible by Global Resort Homes.

I never could have imagined I could be on vacation and yet still feel like I was at home (granted a better home than mine) but I felt completely comfortable.

I didn't have to worry about my kids being too loud and disturbing the other hotel guest, because there weren't any other guests!

It was just us in an amazing home with all the same comforts of our own home plus more!

This was a vacation, this was the way to travel, not by being crammed into a small hotel room, but being able to spread out and really relax.

I mean who wants to share a pool with a ton of strangers when you can open your back door and jump right in your own private pool.

And as my husband put it... "your own private pool that you don't feel like you are being covered in chemicals with."

We each had our own room... our own room to watch our own shows on our own TV's after a long day playing at the theme parks, our own room to regrettably throw tantrums in if needed (I didn't get the ice cream I wanted Wink), our own rooms to feel just like we were at home.

That is exactly what you will get with Global Resort Homes, a home away from home. And a home that is conveniently located right next to Sea World, Disney World and so much more!

Global Resort Homes is... Luxury, comfort, affordability, convenience and more than just a place to rest your head after a long day of exploring while on vacation.

Check out Global Resort Homes to see how amazing your next vacation can be!

A huge thank you to Global Resort Homes for our home away from home at 2625 Daubly Street and for being such an awesome company! 


Why We Chose To Go To LEGOLAND Instead Of DisneyWorld (Tons Of Pictures!)


As most of you know last month we took a long road trip across the country to Florida.

Before we left we told family and friends about our trip and the question we heard most often was "are you going to Disney World?"

We had given it a lot of thought before we planned this adventure and we decided on no.

Now I know that might be shocking for some of you that a family would travel 2300 miles to Florida and not go to Disney World, but I believe it was the best decision we made!

The cost is considerably lower to visit LEGOLAND, plus they have amazing deals that come up all the time!

Especially for Florida residents, while we were visiting residents could get into the park for only $25!!

Be sure to check the LEGOLAND site and the KGS site for specials and deals!

My husband and I talk about it and decided that Disney World is something you do by itself, there is no time to fit in anything else and we had other things we wanted to do while in Florida.

Also I think our kids are way too young to really get the most out of Disney World. LEGOLAND was really the best option for them.

Here are 3 things to consider when thinking about visiting LEGOLAND:

1. The age of your children will make a huge impact on how much you will enjoy the park.

We had my two kiddos ages 3 and 4 and my nephews ages 10 and 12. LEGOLAND was perfect for my kids!

My little girl was tall enough to go on most of the coasters which I know would not be the case at Disney World.

LEGOLAND has rides that your kids can actually control and drive!

This gave them the opportunity to really be involved and to be independent. Also gave them the chance to drive in the wrong direction and run into others. Laughing

My nephews also had fun at the park but I really feel like LEGOLAND was meant for ages 3-11. If you are looking for non-stop thrill rides this is not the park for you.

LEGOLAND has plenty of fun rides, but it'd not non-stop coasters.

2. If you want a relaxing experience LEGOLAND is the place you want to be:

Everyone knows the expression "Rome wasn't built in a day" well... Disney World wasn't built to be able to see in a day, but Legoland is!

Now that's not to say that Legoland doesn't have a lot to offer, it does, but it just means that you can take your time and relax at Legoland.

No need to run around getting a months worth of cardio exercise in on one day!

We did about 85% of the park in 6 hours. We went on a day when they had shorter hours, but we still didn't feel rushed.

3. Do you want to spend all of your time standing in lines?

I can't stand spending an hour standing in a line just to ride a ride for only a few minutes. If you hate it just as much as I do then you will love LEGOLAND!

We walked up to some rides that said the wait time was 15 minutes, but they all turned out to be only a couple of minutes!

We never had to wait more then 5 minutes to get on a ride! And if you do find yourself waiting to get on a ride LEGOLAND has you covered!

They have Lego building stations at every ride, so the kiddos can build something while you wait. How awesome is that?!!

One thing that I loved about LEGOLAND was all the different Lego statues all over the park that make for wonderful photo opportunities.

And unlike a museum or other parks you can touch them and the kids can play on them! My little girl loved the dinosaur.

If you have been to Florida then you know how hot and humid it can get. The day we went was no different! I felt like I was melting after only 10 minutes outside.

Thank goodness LEGOLAND had a solution! They have plenty of awesome activities inside where you can soak in all that sweet air conditioning!

My little boy's cheeks started to get really red and toasty so we went into the Lego building room pictured above.

They also have a movie theater that you can watch some really cool Lego movies! Also another great place to get out of the sun. (just make sure you plan enough time)

Everywhere we turned there was a play area for the kids to get out some of their extra energy and to get out of the hot sun.

My daughter was so excited when she saw the Forestmen's Hideout. She wanted to stay their all day!

If you find that you are there on a super hot day be sure to head over to the water park!

This was a pretty awesome water park, better than anything we have in Utah. My only issue... worrying about loosing my kids in this amazing water filled maze! Laughing

So be sure to pack your swimsuits and tons of sunscreen!

If you do forget something they have pretty much anything you would ever need inside the park.

I can't even begin to express how much I loved that they had free life vests for the kiddos.

With a 3 and a 4 year old this gave me more piece of mind that they were safer as they played in the water.

Now you know me and I will try to save a dollar anywhere that I can! Luckily LEGOLAND makes this task even easier by allowing you to bring in a cooler to the park!

So we packed up sandwiches and other goodies that we thought we would need for the day and saved a ton of money!

Plus they have little picnic tables all over the park and most of them are in the shade.

Also we found out really quick that we needed a lot of water to keep us hydrated and we were really glad to have our little cooler on wheels.

If you do decide to eat at the park instead the prices aren't as bad as I thought they would be. Kids meals were around $5 and meals for adults were between $7-$10.

You can also save money on souvenirs by heading over to the courtesy desk and picking up a FREE button! They have some for first time guest and for birthday guests!

If you decide to head into some of the shops you can still find some great frugal souvenirs. I saw quite a few items that were clearanced and little Lego people for only $2.99!

One thing I wasn't expecting at the park was how super friendly the staff was. They were so helpful and you could find someone pretty much anywhere in the park.

My little boy really wanted to do the Ford Jr. Driving School, but once he got on it he was a little confused on pushing the gas peddle.

I felt bad watching him sit there while everyone raced around him, but within less than a minute a super friendly staff member rushed over and pushed his car around the track for him!

How awesome is that?!

My little girl was also a little confused I think she thought is was like bumper cars and she started to chase everyone down. lol

You can see by her determined look, she was trying to get her brother in the picture above. Laughing

One of the last things you will probably see on your way out of the park is Miniland! I knew it would be cool, but I had no idea it would be as cool as it was!

I couldn't believe how amazing it was! The detail was unbelievable! We took so many pictures I unfortunately couldn't fit them all in this post.

Make sure you leave enough time to really be able to explore this area.

This was definitely the best place to take the kiddos, the ride lines were short, they were tailored to younger kids, and we could fit it all in one day.

If the cost and everything about Disney World seems just too overwhelming, I would highly recommend skipping it and heading over to LEGOLAND instead!

It's definitely the most relaxing park experience I have ever had, and I would go again in a heartbeat!

I want to give a huge thank you to LEGOLAND Florida and KGS for this awesome experience!


Road Trip Across America: *Day 3* Tears, New Adventures and One Of My Favorite Things In Florida!


If you missed our day 1 or day 2 make sure you catch up! This is the story of our epic 4,500 mile journey across the country to and from Utah to Florida...

Day three turned out to be full of surprises, the day started with us thinking it would just be a pool day and it ended up being so much more!

We got a call in the morning from Kissimmee Guest Services and they wanted us to be able to experience the "Real Florida" to be honest I wasn't sure what that meant.

Then we were told that we would be able to ride on an airboat and see alligators and all sorts of Florida wildlife.

I was incredibly excited at this prospect, I have been on boats before but not one like this.

All 8 of us headed over to Boggy Creek Airboats for our new adventure!

The first thing I noticed was how friendly their staff was, you can tell they love their jobs and they want you to have the best experience possible.

While we waited to get on our boat they set us up with a funny photo opp.

My little girls head is inside of an alligators mouth.

Now normally I wouldn't find that funny, but it wasn't real (obviously) and she dug deep that day into her dramatic self, and really hammed it up. Laughing

(I haven't had a chance to scan it into my computer yet, but I will share it with you later)

After the photo my little boy started to get more and more reserved and I started to get a little nervous about how he was going to react about getting on a boat.

Unfortunately little 3 year old's can be sooo... unpredictable. Like I had predicted in my head as soon as he had to put a life vest on he started freaking out.

Then he continued to cry once we tried to put the ear protection on him. The last thing I wanted, was to have to sit out this adventure to sit on the sidelines with an unhappy 3 year old.

When you toddlers you have to prepare to miss out on fun activities, just part of being a parent. Tongue out

We decided to try and distract him and to keep things moving along.

We asked our awesome tour guide if he gets a lot of crying kids on the boats, and he responded yes, but most fall asleep within the first few minutes.

And sure enough he was out after 4 minutes!! If you need your kid to fall asleep, just get on an airboat! haha!

So beautiful!

I wanted my little boy to see all the wildlife, but to be honest it was must nicer to have a sleeping boy than a crying one.

I really didn't know what to expect from an airboat ride, but the few things that I was expecting were wrong!

You see riders wearing ear protection and you think that it's going to be extremely noisy, but it's really not that noisy.

One thing that does come in handy is sunglasses, I would recommend wearing a pair since it is a little windy when the boat is going.

The biggest surprise was how relaxing it was! It's so peaceful and calm even when the boat is going.

I was also shocked at how many alligators there are, the waters we were in were home to 8,000 alligators!

It was no surprise then when we instantly came upon several of them, what an awesome experience for a family from Utah that normally only can see them at the zoo!

We also saw plenty of beautiful cranes, wild cattle and more! My little girl was just soaking up the whole ride with a smile on her face the whole time.

Our tour guide had so much information for us, it was fascinating to learn about all the animals and about the area.

Once we are back on land (and I was wishing we could go again Smile) the fun didn't stop!

We then got the awesome opportunity to hold a baby alligator. I think that was my daughters favorite part.

I also joined in the fun, I mean how often do you get to hold a baby alligator?

I love how soft their little bellies are, can you tell I'm an animal lover?

Now if alligators are not your thing, don't worry you can keep you distance and still have a great time.

There was another mom on the boat with us who was terrified of alligators, but she absolutely loved the boat ride!

They also have 1 hour night tours that would be awesome to check out!

If you are looking for an adventure you will never forget, something that is both relaxing and thrilling you will want to visit Boggy Creek Airboats!

Must haves for your Airboat Ride:

:: Camera (beware that it could get a little bit of water on it)

:: Sunblock is a must anywhere in Florida! 

:: Binoculars

:: Tip Money - the tour guides work really hard to make this an awesome experience and tips are appreciated.

:: Bug Spray - I thought this would be a necessity, but I honestly didn't see very many bugs, but to be on the safe side Laughing

I want to thank Boggy Creek Airboat Rides and Kissimmee Guest Services for giving us this wonderful opportunity that our family will always remember!


Planning A Trip To Florida? Grab a 3 Bedroom Townhome for Only $125 a night!!

May 2013


Wow!! Global Resort Homes has an awesome deal right now for anyone traveling to Florida!!!

Snag this amazing 3 bedroom townhouse for only $125 per night! 

That's way cheaper than most hotels and you get 3 bedrooms, a kitchen and so much more!!!

The town home is located in a gated resort that has a fantastic club house as well!!

If we didn't just get back from Florida I would snatch this up in a heartbeat!!

Resort Amenities
Huge Pool Complete With Hot Tub
State-of-the-Art Fitness Center
Movie Theatre
Video Arcade
Internet Library
Flexible Meeting Rooms
Shuttle Bus Service to Walt Disney World, SeaWorld and Universal Studios (local charges apply)

Rental Amenities

2 & 3 Bedroom Condos and 3 Bedroom Townhomes
Master Suite with King or Queen Size Bed and TV
Master Bathroom with Garden Tub and Separate Shower
Fully Equipped Kitchens with Breakfast Area and Formal Dining Area
One or Two Living Areas with TV, VCR or DVD Player
Washer and Dryer!! 
Hurry and check it out while you can! Let them know Mamas Spot sent you!

Road Trip Across America: Day 2 Daytona Beach!

May 2013


You can't go to Florida without seeing the ocean, so today we headed down to Daytona Beach for some sandy fun!

On our way there we passed by Daytona Speedway which you can take a tour of and even try the Richard Petty Experience.

Unfortunately we didn't have enough time to stop, but if you have some Nascar fans in your family I would definitely try to fit it into your trip.

Once we got to the beach it was a little more windy than we had thought it was, but we still wanted to try and have a good time.

It was the first time our kiddos had seen the ocean, and my little girl was super excited.

We stayed for about 3 hours and even though she was shivering by the end she didn't want to go.

She has spent probably 80% of this trip in some form of water, she definitely fits in here and she now says that she just wants to live on the beach. Laughing

My little boy however stuck one foot into our pool and decided that was enough, I can't even get him to take a shower!

He is definitely my little Utah boy. lol

Every time the waves from the ocean would start coming towards him he would run away.

He also decided he didn't like the sand touching him and he always had to be sitting in someones lap.

We have realized that while on vacation we have to prepare for at least one child not wanting to participate in the activities we do.

If you take kiddos on vacation always be prepared that you might have to walk away from an activity or cut it short if they get grumpy or decide they don't want to do it anymore.

All in all we had a great time though and we can't wait to visit one more beach while we are here.

If you have any recommendations please let me know! Smile


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