And here is how to get them for as low as $3.20:

:: Sign up for Plum District (new members receive a $5 credit), or sign in to your account if you’re already a member.
:: Select the current deal, which is a $60 voucher to Eco-Mom for just $30.
:: Use coupon code plumlove to take 30% off, bringing your  total to $21. (You can use the coupon code only 1 time per member.)
:: If you’re a new member, your $5 credit will reduce your total to just  $16.
:: Wait for your voucher to come (usually a day later).
:: Then go to Eco-Mom’s website, purchase 5 packs of Nature BabyCare diapers  (remember: you get $60 worth of merchandise!) with your voucher.
:: Score 5 packs of diapers for just $16 ($3.20 each) if you’re a new member,  or $21 ($4.20 each) for current members.

If you are already a member you might want to have a family member or friends sign up and grab this for you, so you can get the best deal!

Some of the diaper sizes are currently sold out, but the voucher is valid through 2/6/12, so there should be plenty of time to redeem the voucher.

Grab this voucher while it’s available!