An Education on Kids Car Seats from #ChiccoKidFit - Plus "Look Mom No More Icky Seat!"

January 2015

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When purchasing a car seat for me it’s not just all about safety, I think I hear gasping off in the distance. Don’t get me wrong I am very concerned about my children’s safety, the first time we left the hospital with our bundle of joy I rode in the back seat with her and was prepared to lunge across her in the case of any danger. I was terrified and it took more than thirty minutes after we had her completely secure to finally be ok setting off. That’s why I was so grateful for diagrams like the one below from Chicco. Do you know for sure that you are using your car seat right?

If it was just all about my kid’s safety though I would just wrap them in bubble wrap and strap a helmet on their heads before getting into the car. I need a car seat that is incredibly safe and more, I am a busy mom and I desperately need a convenient car seat that doesn’t make me feel like I am trying to solve a Rubix Cube.  I need something that works for both me and my kids. 

That’s why when I saw the new Chicco KidFit Booster Seat I got excited, what can I say I get excited by anything that could make my life easier. 

The Chicco KidFit Booster Seat has a SuperCinch latch attachment that can tighten the seat with just one pull, no more reaching under and around the seat trying desperately to make sure your child won’t tip over with the first tight turn you take. (You may laugh, but this has happened to me!) 

When it comes to safety no helmets or bubblewrap needed, even the most overprotective mom will love that the Chicco KidFit Booster Seat has side-impact for both head and shoulders with 10 positions for growing children. 

I love the side impact for shoulders and not just for the head when traveling with kids you want their whole body to be protected. I also love that everything is machine washable and every piece comes off really easy. We all know how quickly a car seat can get gross so this is a huge benefit to me. Most parents would be floored if they found out what was lurking on their child’s car seat. Unwelcome passengers can be hiding in the fabric including E.Coli and Staph, that’s right E.Coli and Staph!! 

You might as well have your child sit in a toilet seat while traveling to grandma’s house. While driving we don’t see how much food and drinks are being spilled and dropped and once we get our little munchkins out of the car we just figure they ate their entire snack. Haha!! We should know better as mom’s right? Like they are completely clean at the dinner table and every drop gets into their mouths?! All the more reason you need a car seat that can easily be cleaned. If after that alarming information you never want your child to eat or drink in their car seat ever again, the Chicco KidFit booster seat comes with two removable cup holders that you can also fold away when not in use.

Another thing we forget as parents is that our kids want to be just as comfortable as us. They don't want to be stuck for hours on what probably feels like a rock. Chicco has thought about this and has made their KidFit seat with double foam padding and made it to contour to provide support in the right places. If you see your child in one of the pictures above it may just be that they are uncomfortable.

Safety, comfort, ease and E.Coli free sounds good to me! And those items I believe are what every parent wants for their kid’s car seat. Be sure to check out and grab a Chicco KidFit car seat, you won’t be disappointed. 

My first experience with Chicco was when I was buying baby bottles for my first child, I had been through so many different brands and different types of bottles and couldn’t find a single one that worked well and that my baby liked until I tried a Chicco bottle. They worked beautifully and as I needed other baby items I turned to Chicco and have never been disappointed. 

Chicco is constantly coming up with great innovative products for kids and babies be sure stay up to date and check out all the amazing products they have. 

Also, be sure to visit the Chicco website and follow them on Facebook and Twitter for more tips, news and promotions!

Was any of this information a surprise? What have you done to make sure your child is in the right car seat? Have you used a Chicco car seat before?


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