Ambassador Row Suites: The Complete Package for Family Travelers!

When looking for suitable accommodations for a family of four, the requirements can start stacking up, and it can become difficult to find something that is a perfect fit. Thankfully, on our last trip to Kuala Lumpur, this wasn’t the case due to Ambassador Row by Lanson Place. This amazing property checked off all of our boxes.

This is not an easy feat; we usually find ourselves compromising on quite a few of these during our travels, so to have a hotel that could take care of all our needs as a family was fantastic!

Close to Attractions
Ability to make meals in the suite
Morning Breakfast
Laundry service
Budget friendly

Let’s take a look at each of these individually and see how Ambassador Row Suites takes care of you during your stay.

Spacious, comfortable, and modern:

This is the first word that came to mind as soon as I walked into our suite. It was incredibly bright and spacious. We had a two bedroom Duta Suite with over 1100 sq. feet of room! Having a separate bedroom for the kiddos was fantastic, as they were able to have their own play space and my husband and I had our own space. Even on family vacations, it can be nice to have a little space from each other from time to time.

The suite also had two bathrooms, no overcrowding while getting ready for an action-packed day. The décor of the rooms and property is very contemporary and modern.

The common hotel areas are also incredibly spacious. The hotel was built with an atrium feel, and it’s very open and very inviting. Tons of natural light come pouring in, and there is seating on many levels of the hotel just to sit and soak it all in.

Close to Attractions:

Uber’s and Grab taxis are really inexpensive in KL, but that doesn’t mean you want to be more than 30 minutes from all the main attractions. Your time is valuable, and you want to be able to easily get to everything you want to see in KL. This is one of the top reasons to stay with Ambassador Row by Lanson Place; you can easily get to all the main attractions in less than 20 minutes! The Petronas Towers are only 10 minutes’ drive away, and the hotel offers a complimentary shuttle to and fro. I love when hotels provide a shuttle service to help guests get around!

Any mom knows one of the pains of travel is needing to wash dirty clothes and not being able to. At Ambassador Row Suites, you have many options for getting kiddos' clothes clean again. First off, most suites come with a washer right there in your kitchen! It couldn’t be any easier to do a couple of loads and keep all your outfits pristine. The property also has washers and dryers that can be used for a nominal fee. Don’t have time to deal with laundry? You can send it out to be cleaned by the hotel as well. No worries about looking fabulous for all those vacation photos!

Morning breakfast:
I am not a morning person, and the last thing I want to do is try to find breakfast in the morning for the family. Ambassador Row Suites solves this problem seamlessly for me by having a fantastic morning buffet every day. This was a huge hit with my kiddos; they loved all the amazing options that the hotel offers. Anything you can imagine, freshly served up every morning.

Ability to make meals in the suite:

Breakfast isn’t the only meal you have to worry about while traveling, and it can be easy to grow tired of eating at the same restaurants every day. Sometimes, you just want a home-cooked meal, or maybe you want to just eat something quick before heading out. This is why you should stay with Ambassador Row Suites. A fully stocked kitchen while on vacation? Nope, it’s not a dream; it comes standard at Ambassador Row Suites.

Every suite comes with a kitchen! With housekeeping, no worries about doing dishes either! There is a great grocery store right around the corner with everything you would need to make a great meal. If you don’t feel like cooking or going out, you can find Café @ Lanson on the first floor for lunch or dinner.


Even the most spendy of travelers want to get the most for their money while on vacation. Your dollar will go really far with Ambassador Row Suites. The hotel knows how to make your vacation luxurious and budget-friendly. They have many promotions and packages on their site to maximize your vacation and wallet.

(Our kids loved the welcome drink to help refresh guests)

Ambassador Row Suites really is the complete package for family travelers or any traveler visiting Kuala Lumpur. Ambassador Row really made our family's time in KL incredibly memorable. Head over here to see how they can make your vacation to KL fabulous!


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