#MeaningofLife - Bonding Through Music

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If Music Brings Us Together, Then The "Meaning of Life" Album Will Make Us Dance!

For as long as I can remember music has moved me. It has a power over me that can completely change my outlook, my whole day and even my emotions. I remember the exact moments I heard “new” artists and when fell in love with their songs. I especially remember this with Kelly Clarkson. It feels as if her music has been with me the longest and I almost can’t remember a time I wasn’t blasting her songs on the radio.

I have always found her music to be a true inspiration and her new album “Meaning of Life” is no different. I have been listening intently to this new album and I am genuinely moved. As soon as I heard the track Love So Soft, I had to start dancing.

As a parent you want your kids to not only understand your passions but to also be a part of that passion. With music this is easy since kids love music too. My daughter quickly was wrapped up in Kelly’s amazing tunes and it soon became something we could share together as mother and daughter.

The tracks on this new album that really struck a chord with both of us were Move You and Love So Soft. The whole album is amazing, but these two songs are definitely our favorites. There is so much soul and feeling in these two songs you can’t help but sing along.

We have a tradition that was started when she was younger that if either of us feels sad or stressed that we would stop what we are doing and start dancing and singing. Without fail this always wipes away anything bad that is bothering us and instantly makes us happier. We have spent the last little bit doing this with The Meaning of Life album and within seconds all our worries melt away. Music is a fantastic stress release and Kelly Clarkson’s music is some of the best therapy around! We dance in the living room and shake it all away.

As you know, we travel a lot! It can be hard sometimes on her and the outlet of this new album has really helped her to cope. When she feels down about missing her friends or just a little homesick I start playing any track on this album (Especially Love So Soft) and she immediately perks up and enjoys the moment shes in. No matter where we are in the world we will always have Kelly's music to jam out too. Life can throw us many obstacles, but music can be a great release to be able to just live in the moment and enjoy "The Meaning of Life".

Whether you like to jam out in your car, living room, with your kids or just by yourself this new album is a must have and you should be listening to it right now! *Music Tip* If you want a killer beat to dance to make sure you check out the Love So Soft remixes on Spotify.

Check out the little video my daughter and I put together for you below:


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