Spain Family Travel Guide: Things to do with Kids in Spain!

Spain with its extraordinary range of attractions and excellent transport is indeed a popular family-friendly destination. The best part is that distances are short between cities and the accommodation infrastructure is excellent. All you need to do is browse for Spanish vacation rentals, and you are sure to come up with endless options for safe and comfortable lodging that meets your expectations and budget. 

Most hotels and vacation rentals have cots for small children as well as play areas or children’s playgrounds nearby. The best time to for visiting Spain is in spring and autumn when the temperatures are mild. Avoid summers and winters when the temperatures can get a bit extreme. Traveling in Spain with kids is truly going to be a fun experience, and there are plenty spots that are sure to appeal to both adults and children. This is a fantastic country that’s incredibly child-friendly and the weather almost always perfect. People are warm and welcoming; the food is awesome and there no shortage of interesting things to do and see. What more could you ask for on a family vacation?

What children love best on holiday is to explore new surroundings, do fun things with their parents and enjoy good food. Do not impose culture on family holidays as you would only be dragging them everywhere. Children really value holidays where they can create good memories of fun and playfulness with their parents.

Outdoor fun with children

Spain’s coastline is simply the best, and the beaches are a fabulous place for a family holiday. Most of the beaches from Catalonia in the north to Andalucía in the south boast of numerous child-friendly attractions and activities. The waters are gentle and safe for swimming. Spain’s beaches seem to be custom-made for children as they are sheltered by protective coves and will keep the children safe from the open ocean. There are plenty of tranquil stretches here to pick from. You can have loads of fun with your kids on those beaches or the water parks.

This is the time to teach them some water sports. You can take them along for adventure activities such as kayaking, rafting, canyoning, canoeing, and mountain-biking, especially if your kids are older or teenagers. There are plenty of Surf and ski schools that cater to smaller kids. Head towards the interior of Spain and see your child get fascinated with all those castles and tiny villages. Children will simply love fiestas and ferias, horse shows, flamenco shows and interactive museums, which are just a few of the highlights in Spain for kids. Madrid Zoo and Aquarium with more than 5,000 animals from different continents is a must see. Children love watching baby pandas and other animals in the zoo.

Indoor fun with children

Barcelona is one of the most child-friendly cities and well known for its chocolate museum and the wax museum. There has been an explosion of Disneyfied theme parks in Spain, and one can pick from many that are based on the Wild West or the era of the dinosaurs or are simply traditional parks with rides and animals. Some of the most popular names are Dinópolis, Teruel, PortAventura, Terra Mítica, Benidorm, Oasys Mini Hollywood, Zoo Aquarium, Parc d’Atraccions, andCaballerizas Reales. Madrid SnowZone is getting increasingly popular with families, and it is fun building snowmen or having a snowball fight. Another place your children would love to go to is the Toy Museum of Catalonia that boasts of dolls, puppets, tricycles, miniature theatre sets in thousands. This is your perfect opportunity to enroll in a cooking class with the family and try out some traditional Spanish food recipes. It would be fun learning how to make Spanish omelet, preparing paella, tapas, and other Spanish favorites.

Eating Out with children

Spaniards love both food and children and are sure to make you feel most comfortable and welcome. There is abundance of outdoor terraces and restaurants that are just ideal for families. Request high chairs or tronas as soon as you arrive. Many restaurants offer children’s menu or menú infantile that usually has chicken nuggets, pasta, hamburger in the main course and milkshake or ice cream for dessert. The Spanish markets are loaded with food, flavors, and colors. Explore new cuisines and tastes such as croquettes, paella, and edible flowers.  Motivate your children to taste new foods and try out something completely different. Paella.  Most children love Empanadas, Croquetas, Patatas Bravas, Shrimp and other seafood. It is recommended to carry snacks and sweets with you as emergency supplies.

Here are some tips before you start on that holiday with your kids in Spain:

•    Adjust your children to Spanish time so that they can enjoy all that is worth seeing.
•    Keep an eye on them, hold their hands, cuddle and kiss them a lot as they love that.
•    With children around, you can always ask for extra tapas such as cut, raw carrots, brad, and olives.
•    Bring your own crayons and paper or comics that can be given to the kids as fillers for those idyllic moments.
•    Know about the nearest children’s playgrounds form the locals or the tourist office.
•    Discounts are available for children so don’t feel shy to ask for them.

Go ahead and create happy memories for your kids and a family vacation in Spain is just perfect for that. Enjoy some awesome outdoor and indoor activities with your children and make the trip the one they will talk about for years!


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