Sawyer: Keeping you a happy camper all summer long!

Summer is sneaking up so fast and it hit me that I needed to update our outdoor products and get prepared for our summer adventures ahead. We have been using Sawyer products for a bit and they are amazing. Sawyer is the leading brand for outdoor products to keep you and your family safe.

They specialize in water filtration, insect repellent, sunscreen and first aid. These are things you definitely want to be packing this summer. As Sawyer so aptly states: “We keep you outdoors”.

Living in Utah there is always a great trail or amazing adventure to be done and I couldn’t imagine doing these things without Sawyer gear. Sawyers water filtration products are great to keep our family hydrated without having to pack a ton of water with us.

We end up at many rivers, steams and lakes and we can safely fill up our Sawyer water filters at any source of water and know that the water will be great. Packing in water can be costly, heavy and leads to possibly forgetting garbage left behind. Using a Sawyer water filter removes all of these negatives and can be reused.

A big pest that I am always concerned about on hikes or during camping trips are ticks. We use Sawyer’s 20% Picaridin insect repellent to be sure these pests will stay away. It also works great for mosquitoes! I love that this spray also has a citrus smell and it isn’t overpowering. Lyme disease is a big concern and this spray will keep you protected. Lyme disease s an infectious disease spread by ticks; it’s nasty and can easily be avoided by using Sawyer’s Picaridin insect repellent.

My favorite part about Sawyer though isn’t so much the products themselves (while amazing) I love what Sawyer is doing for those who don’t have access to clean water. Sawyer is bringing clean water to many across the globe. The Sawyer bucket adapter filtration systems can last over 10 years and are reducing diarrhea by over 90% in developing countries.

Right now you can help Sawyer with this amazing project by donating here. I also highly recommend checking out there videos of the different places they have already made an impact. And be sure to make sure you are prepared for your summer adventures with the amazing Sawyer products found here!


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