The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam: Luxury In The Heart of Bangkok

A lot of our readers are surprised to see us go back to the same destination multiple times. While we love heading to new destinations we also love digging deeper into ones we have already been to. You’d be amazed at how much more you see and experience on every visit. We do this all the time with Bangkok since it is a main hub to fly into and it always has something new to offer our family.

On our last trip to Bangkok I wanted to experience a different side of this amazing city, the shopping. We have already visited most of the cultural sites and tasted all the local flavors so I wanted to do something I don’t normally do and experience the malls and shopping of Bangkok. For this purpose I needed a hotel that was going to put me right in the middles of the best shopping.

(night market right next door)

We decided The Berkeley Hotel was a perfect fit for this and couldn’t wait to stay at this fantastic hotel. The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam is situated within walking distance of the gigantic Central World Mall, Pratunam market and so much more. For those not looking to shop, The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam is really in the heart of it all and you can also easily get to all the best sites of Bangkok. The Grand Palace is only 7km away from the hotel.

I absolutely love a hotel where you can just step outside and you are immediately immersed in it all. It was a very quick walk to anything we wanted to see and do. Just be prepared for tired feet after walking Central World it’s a lot larger than you think!

The rooms at The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam are very spacious and perfect for family travelers or business travelers. I highly recommend adding on the hotels breakfast for a great start to your day. One of the best breakfast buffets we have experienced in a while complete with made to order dishes. One morning my favorite breakfast dish, crepes were being prepared!

My daughter’s favorite part of the property was that it had two pools. She absolutely loved that she could have a choice in which pool she wanted to enjoy. You can even see through one of the pools.

For a hotel in the center of it all I highly recommend The Berkeley Hotel Pratunam! Head over here to book your stay!


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