Dusit Suites Hotel Ratchadamri: A Hidden Oasis in the Middle of Bangkok

There are some cities you go to for the experience, for the chaos of it all. This is Bangkok for me. So much happening all around you. It can be a bit overwhelming at times. The smells, so many people and so much to look see everywhere you look.

I pass a street corner where a Hindu Shrine has thousands of flowers being draped over it. People crowd around to get their chance at placing flowers and saying prayers. Dancers dance to traditional music and women stand outside selling birds to be set free. The many experiences of Bangkok can be a treasure, but where do you go when you want to unwind and relax?

I don’t often use any words like relax when referring to Bangkok, but if you look close enough there are a few oases in this city of over 8 million. One of these sanctuaries is The Dusit Suites Hotel Ratchadamri. This amazing hotel has figured out how to be in the middle of it all and yet feel like it’s nowhere near Bangkok. A short walk from the BTS and Central World Mall and yet when you step out on your balcony or take a dip at the pool all you hear is quiet. As soon as you walk into the lobby it almost has a spa feel which is relaxing and inviting.

The staff gives a 5 star welcome like I have experienced everywhere else, but Bangkok. Flowers, refreshing drinks, and a much needed cool towel were presented to us as we arrived. Our kids always love these warm welcomes and it’s a great way to start your stay. Personal touches go a long way in my book.

The Dusit Suites Hotel Ratchadamri has another bonus for family travelers; every suite is complete with a kitchen. This is a lifesaver for when you just want to stay in for a quiet night. The suites at The Dusit Suites Hotel Ratchadamri are beautifully appointed and very spacious.

Everything from the pool to the breakfast says “relax”. While other properties choose to do large buffets due to the properties size, The Dusit Suites Hotel Ratchadamri has the luxury of keeping breakfast a little more personal. While they offer a great small spread to choose from the main dishes are from the menu and made to order. This also makes the dining area more organized and not chaotic in the least.

Once you step out of the hotel and head down the street you can immerse yourself into the chaos of the city, but it’s priceless to have an oasis, like The Dusit Suites Hotel Ratchadamri to head back to after a long day of adventure. If you want to experience some relaxation while in Bangkok be sure to book your stay here.


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