Twigby: Your Connection to a Better and Lower Cost Cell Plan!

With so much time on my hands lately I have been taking a deeper look at our family’s expenses and where we can trim down a bit. I realized our family was greatly overpaying for our cell phone service. Most of us signed up for a cell plan years ago and never give it a second thought. We figure as long as it works, then that’s good enough. But why overpay?

No matter your current situation I think we can all agree that saving money right now is a great thing! This is where Twigby comes in and saves the day! Twigby is uniquely situated to help consumers get more and pay a lot less for cell phone service. Money doesn't grow on trees yet, but Twigby can help to keep some extra cash in your wallet!

Right now more than ever communication is vital. We need to stay in touch with loved ones and friends and we need reliable service that won’t break the bank. Looking over Twigby prices they are already very competitive, but they are also offering 25% off your first 6 months of service. While other companies might be looking at how to get more from you, Twigby is helping your family save while offering amazing coverage.

Companies that truly care is exactly what we need right now and I know my family is more than happy to switch our plan to a Twigby plan.
For those in the market, Twigby has a great selection of phones or you can simply switch your plan with your current phone. We have been looking at getting a phone for our tween daughter and I really love the prices Twigby offers on cell phones. They regularly have sales on their phones and you can grab a great deal on a starter phone for your teens.

I’ve been burned by budget plans in the past, finding out that their coverage is terrible and not what I needed, but Twigby’s coverage is amazing due to utilizing two of the country’s largest networks! Your phone will automatically switch between the Sprint and Verizon networks to give you the most coverage across the country. This is hugely important to our family as we normally travel all across the country. No one wants to go on a family vacation just to realize you aren’t covered anymore once you leave home.

With the 25% savings right now you can get a plan for as low as $6.75 a month for 6 months! For our family, we can do unlimited minutes and 10 GB of data for only $32.25 a month. This is a huge savings for us as our current plan runs us about $50 a month for the same plan! That’s over $200 a year that we can put towards more important things! The best part is that you can switch over from the comfort of your own home! I personally hate going into a store to get a phone. Twigby makes signing up and getting a new plan or phone super simple on their website!

All Twigby Plans Include:

•    Wi-Fi Calling and Texting with a capable phone
•    International Calling and Texting at no additional charge
•    Never a charge to use hotspot/tethering
•    Choice of English or Spanish Voicemail
•    Caller ID, Call Waiting, Call Forwarding, 3 Way Calling

And for those like myself who are attached to your phone number, you can keep your number with Twigby!

I also love that you have the option to limit the amount of data or minutes you use. With Twigby you can easily set your own custom limits for each phone on your account. They can even send you text updates letting you know when you are at 50% and 100% use of your plans. This is fantastic for those with teens that can easily go over the limit! That means one phone can have access to move up to the next data plan while another you may choose to not let move up. It is completely up to you! And if you choose for a phone to not be able to move to the next plan, they will still have unlimited text messaging to stay connected.

As most of you know I am a huge fan of companies that put their money where their mouth is and completely back up their products or services. Twigby does this with an amazing 30 Day Risk-Free Guarantee! This shows me that our family can trust Twigby to deliver exactly what they’ve promised.

Is your family ready for a change? Want to see how much your family could be saving? Head over here to see what Twigby can do for you! Be sure to let us know your experience!


This post was sponsored; as always we only promote products we love and all opinions are our own.


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