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I’ve heard the saying since I was a child; it’s all in the details. Until I became an adult I didn’t truly understand what that meantand until my recent stay at The Langham Place Hotel in NYC I hadn’t seen it put to action so well. When staying at a five-star hotel you get accustomed to the perks and know what to expect, so when you go to another five star hotel and they surpass those perks and expectations I am impressedLangham Place NYC did just that. 

At first sight I was very pleased with the size of the room; The Langham provides very large rooms for a NYC hotel. I was also excited by the New York luxury apartment feel. The room reminded me of a luxury Manhattan apartment, I have seen in so many movies. In my opinion, this gives it a more authentic feel, and doesn’t stick you with a standard hotel look. When visiting NYC I love feeling more like a local than a tourist and The Langham helped to enhance this. 

As much as I loved the room, the bathroom was on a totally different level. Do you see this tub? Or shall I say small pool in my bathroom. I could soak in this thing all day; if I didn’t have a whole city to see. After a whole day of walking around sightseeing my mini pool was a welcome sight. Every evening being able to rest my achy muscles, and fully submerge was fantastic. On our first night we noticed a little red light on the bathroom mirror and quickly discovered it was a TV in the mirror. So while you are soaking in your deep soaking tub or using the separate glass rainfall shower you can catch up on news of the day. How amazing is that?! 

(Did I exaggerate? I don't think so.)

I am always trying to multi task whenever I can; it’s always been a vice of mine. I get so busy I feel like I need to be doing two things at once. At Langham I was actually successful with itI was able to get ready in the morning while also fitting in all my news for the day, it was fantastic.

I have now asked my husband how we can have a TV in our mirror. As someone who prefers the internet to TV he declined my request. That’s ok, it will make my visits to Langham even more special.

(Notice anything special about our view? That's the Empire State Building right out our window.)

Here are more amenities you can expect from Langham: Swedish Duxiana bed with italian linens by Pratesi, flexible check-in and check-out, floor-to-ceiling windows that open to let in fresh air, Empire State Building views, and so much more. Upon check-in you will hear about the wonderful 1865 club that is complimentary to join and provides you with many wonderful upgrades like: express check-in/check-out, late check-out, access to fitness club and more. Plus you can also upgrade for even better benefits. 

(Me acting goofy, but look at all that amazing light coming in.)

Even all of that isn’t enough for The Langham, we haven’t even touched on service. When it comes to my impression of a hotel, a nice, clean room is wonderful, but nothing means more to me than the service. I have stayed at a few hotels where the room was wonderful, but the service from the staff was terrible, nothing can make up for terrible service. That’s where Langham Place shines, they are always there 24/7 to make sure your every need is met, and the staff genuinely cares. Pick up the phone in your room and they will address you and ask how it is that they can help you. Now for us that was a little more difficult as we have an almost impossible last name to pronounce at first sight, but all the staff members gave it their best try and I commend them for that. 

(I could have stayed in this room all day if I didn't have things to go see and do.) 

Service goes even farther; take a drink out of the mini bar? It will almost immediately be replaced. The turn down service will make you feel as if you are coming back to a brand new room. We were very generously given an amazing fruit plate one night that was greatly appreciated after a long day out. 

I could go on and on about the service and luxury you can experience at The Langham, but what’s even better than hearing about it? Experiencing it for yourself. Head over here and book your stay at The Langham Place NYC for a vacation you won’t soon forget. 

Also be on the lookout for my next post on the fantastic restaurants at Langham! 

I received accommodations to facilitate my review, as always all opinions are my own.


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