Happy Mother's Day!

May 2012


I want to wish all the Mamas out there a Happy Mother's Day!

There is no disputing that we need a day just for Moms.

It's not out of being selfish or wanting some amazing gift, but that every hero deserves a day of respect and honor and mothers are definitely heroes!

Everyday we pour our heart and souls into taking care of these little beings, and for a lot of it we are flying blind and have no idea if we are doing it right.

But when our actions and words come from a loving place it doesn't matter if we get it wrong.

Most days I feel like I am floundering, not knowing if I am making the right choices for them... but at the end of the day they look at me and say "I love you Mama" and I know that everything is ok.

Whether you are a Mother to be... or a Grandmother who's children have all grown I wish you all the happiness in the world today!

So put you feet up, relax, sit back and enjoy this day that honors all of your hard work!



March 2012

Is there anything cuter than a sleeping child? I don't what it is, but they are just so adorable when their sleeping!

I have such a hard time disturbing them when they fall asleep outside of their beds.

Do you let your kids stay asleep wherever they are or do you always try to put them in their beds?


Feeling Blue?

March 2012

I was doing dishes this morning with my little "helpers" who were more interested in the bubbles than getting dishes clean, so I thought it would be fun if they had their own plate of bubbles.

For some silly reason I thought "why not add food coloring?"

I got a reminder a few minutes later of "why not", they started using their hands and my little boy kept touching his face.

I was hoping it would come off with some warm water, but apparently not! Now I have little blue children!

Now I'm worried every time they touch our cream colored couch, some blue might come off.

One of those Mom moments where you have the best of intentions, but it doesn't quite come out right. Laughing


Why My Husband Doesn't Go Shopping

February 2012

My hubby took the kids to the store last night so I could get some work done and I was so appreciative, but it made me realize why I do the shopping! lol

So guess how many packages of Buy 1 Get 1 FREE bagels he got? Yep... he got 1! That's ok we didn't need a FREE package anyway. Laughing

So here is the deal he got:

  • Wonder Bagels $3.00
  • On BOGO Sale - No thank you
  • Final Price: $3.00 for one package instead of $1.50 each! Laughing

Maybe he just needs to go through couponing 101. lol


Daddy's Idea Of A Healthy Breakfast

February 2012

My husband made breakfast this morning (which I was very grateful for). But I didn't realize what they were eating till I looked over and saw this:

They had a healthy (haha) breakfast of french toast with chocolate sauce. Needless to say we will be doing baths soon! 


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