*Must Read* One mom's hilarious summer open letter to her kids

by Heather Monday, August 3, 2015

As summer is almost coming to a close I think we can all empathize with other moms and the trials of a house full of kids during the summer. Kids seem to walk around like they own the place and I absolutely love this moms open letter to her kids!

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This Is How We Roll – Our Summer in Motion with the Panasonic LUMIX G7

by Heather Wednesday, July 29, 2015

I participated in an Ambassador Program on behalf of Influence Central for Panasonic. I received product samples as well as a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

FYI - I bombed this post with pics! Laughing

Summertime gets crazy around our house. All I want to do is hibernate through the winter, so as soon as it starts to get warm I can’t wait to start planning all our summer activities. We have some activities that are pretty set in stone that we do every year and others that are a complete surprise, and usually very last minute, like our spontaneous trip to Vegas.

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Give Back with the Time Machine App! Plus Grab Some Super Cool Prizes!

by Heather Friday, July 24, 2015

I received two concert tickets to facilitate my review, as always all opinions expressed are my own.

As my kids get older I try to incorporate and emphasize the importance of good deeds and helping others. I tell them that it doesn’t have to be complicated or even helping someone you don’t already know. Doing a simple act for a friend or family member can bring incredible joy to their lives. My six year old recently made a DIY ice cream kit for one of her friends and left it on their porch. I know it put a smile on the whole family’s faces and probably made their day. 

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Startling Sleep Facts and Steps You Can Take For More Sleep

by Heather Wednesday, July 22, 2015

I participated in an Ambassador program on behalf of Influence Central for Pernix Therapeutics. I received a promotional item to thank me for my participation.

As a mom of two my biggest strength to get the most out of my days and be the best mom I can be is sleep. Proper sleep can make the difference between a productive day and a terrible out of sync one. Without the proper sleep I have a hard time functioning as a normal human being and it’s nearly impossible to be on top of things as a mom. It’s also vital for my immune system and memory. Less sleep and I find it very hard to recall different things during my day.

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Must Have Simple Twix Cookies!!

by Heather Sunday, July 12, 2015

Need a little snack today? Check out these amazing Twix cookies! They are so simple, yet so delicious! Definitely a new favorite at our house.

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