FREE Food On The Table Service!! Check Out How This Has Saved Me!!


Reminder: Don't forget to sign up for this great service! It will come in handy for the holidays!

So I just started using this new meal planning service (which is completely free, yay!) I knew I needed something to help me get meals together!

Sometimes you get so caught up in couponing, and then you just stare blankly at your pantry wondering "what do I do now?"

That's exactly how I have been lately. So I wanted to get organized and I came across FoodOnTheTable.

I thought this would be like other services I have tried before, where it kind of tells you what you need for certain meals, but doesn't really give you a ton of info, but this is totally different!!


First off your choose the stores that you shop at! Isn't this so cool! You can choose as many stores as you need.

It also shows you how many sales are currently at that store.

Once you choose your stores, then you choose what food you like.They have a ton of options!

If you are a vegetarian like me you can choose that, and any other dietary restrictions.

Then comes the really cool part!! It shows you the price of the items that are at your store and how much your shopping will be and how much you will save!!

This helps me so much when I go to the store. First off I can see what stores near me have the cheapest prices.

For example the other day I knew I would need to buy some hamburger (for my non-vegetarian hubbySmile) and it was so easy to check who had the lowest price near me!

With kiddos the last thing you want to do is run around to 5 different stores trying to find the lowest price!

You can also make your own menus and shopping lists! This has been such an amazing time saver for me!

And with the holidays coming up I know this is going to be a life saver!

I can't believe something this great and comprehensive is FREE!!

Just click on the Picture above to check it out!!


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