The Kimberly - My Favorite Kid Friendly Luxury Accommodations In NYC

Wednesday, August 2, 2017

Recently, we decided that it was time for our kids to finally experience the Big Apple!  My husband and I had been many times, but this was their first experience, and I couldn’t wait to see NYC through their eyes. For a child, going from a small town to the big city is a huge change, and I knew it would be fascinating for them. New York City isn’t exactly what I would consider kid friendly, but it still has a lot to offer the young ones. From huge parks to amazingly tall buildings, kids are sure to be captivated by this impressive city.

NYC offers children growing up in smaller places a different view of the world that they just can’t get anywhere else. Experiencing the subway, Central Park, The Empire State Building, and more has opened up their little world to new and exciting possibilities. We will definitely be taking our kids back at least once a year.

Hotels can be tricky in the city and most luxury hotels simply can't accommodate families as well. There is, however, one exception: The Kimberly. Not only is this a great hotel for kids and families, but it has more amenities than most hotels in the city and the service can’t be beat.

As soon as we walked into the lobby, I knew my kids would immediately sprint to the breathtaking rounded aquarium. This is a favorite of all the kids staying at The Kimberly (and even most of the adults). We had to wait a moment for our room to be finished, which gave us some time to find some pretty amazing fish in the aquarium, including some of the smallest and cutest starfish we had ever seen.

The remarkable features at The Kimberly certainly don’t end in the lobby! Once in your room, you find a perfect set-up for families. As soon as we walked in my kids immediately shouted, “we have a fridge and microwave!” Most of the suites have a kitchen or kitchenette complete with microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, sink, and utensils - perfect for eating in your room when the long, adventurous day has made you tired.


We had room service a couple of times and having dishes and a kitchen on hand was incredibly useful. If we needed a glass or silverware, it was right there. The kids loved being able to get whatever they needed anytime.

The kids loved sitting at the bar writing down their "orders" pretending they were at a restaurant.


Their favorite thing (besides the aquarium) was the fantastic balcony. Not many hotels can offer a balcony with your room, and this was a great opportunity for them to scope out everything near us and soak in the city. We even did bubbles off the balcony in the afternoon and they loved it! It was a little too cold to go to a park, so we brought the fun to our room. Huge bonus! They now beg to go back and know The Kimberly by heart.

My daughter and I have started a new tradition where we watch a movie while wearing a comfy robe and slippers. These were the first thing she searched for in the room, and she exclaimed an enthusiastic,  “yippee!” as soon as she found robes and slippers in the closet. Just another added perk of staying with The Kimberly.

Here are a few more of the outstanding amenities The Kimberly offers that your family will love too!

•    Complimentary New York Times delivered Monday through Saturday
•    Flat screen television with satellite TV channels, movies on demand, and video games
•    Complimentary membership to any New York Health & Racquet Club
•    Kitchen or kitchenette with microwave, refrigerator, coffee maker, sink, and utensils
•    2 complimentary bottles of water
•    Robe and slippers, hair dryer, scale, and Neutrogena bath amenities
•    Iron and ironing board
•    Electric shoe-shining device and shoe horn
•    Security safe to accommodate items as large as a laptop

The Kimberly made my kids' first NYC experience a fantastic one and we will definitely be back! Want to enhance your family’s trip to NYC? Check out the Kimberly Hotel here! They know how to treat families! Looking for just a couples getaway? Check out here the experience The Kimberly can offer couples or those traveling without kids.


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