The MESAY 2.0 translator: Our 2018 Must Have Travel Tool!

Saturday, June 9, 2018

One of the greatest challenges of traveling is the language barrier. It can mean the difference between having your taxi driver drop you off at the right destination, understanding the food you are eating or even possibly offending someone. I find it a sign of respect to be able to at least communicate basic words when entering a new country, but this can be difficult for someone like me who bounces all around the globe. I currently know pleasantries for five different languages other than my own, but at times that’s not enough. While in France, knowing how to say please, thank you and hello doesn’t get me far when trying to give an address to a taxi. I need to be able to communicate more!

So you can imagine my excitement when I came across the MESAY 2.0 translator. This two-way AI Translator is exactly what I and any other travelers heading to another country need! With 16 supported languages The MESAY 2.0 translator has you covered almost anywhere you might go. English, Chinese, Cantonese, Thai, Vietnamese, Japanese, Korean, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, Dutch, German, French, Italian, Russian, and Greek can be translated simultaneously back and forth.

The Mesay is quick, efficient, and 97% accurate! It’s also super lightweight and compact so you can easily take it anywhere. I love how sleek and stylish it is. It also has a replay button to easily repeat questions without having to repeat the sentences. You can also turn The MESAY 2.0 translator into a Wi-Fi Hotspot. The translator supports 4G and allows you to create a hotspot anywhere you need. Using The MESAY 2.0 translator takes having to use your phone for translating out of the picture and you can save the battery life on both devices.

The exciting part is that The MESAY 2.0 translator is on Kickstarter right now and you can pledge or pre-order your MESAY 2.0 translator for June delivery! The Mesay team will even donate 5% of the profits to aid the children affected by the war in Syria. This means that you will get an extremely useful device and at the same time you will be helping a great cause.

The MESAY 2.0 translator is affordable, easy to use, and will definitely be the best travel item you have packed in your suitcase. Head over here to show the Mesay Team how excited you are about The MESAY 2.0 translator and grab one for yourself!


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