Family Pictures!

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Yay!! We got our family pictures back and I love them! Usually all of our photo sessions end (and pretty much begin) in tears and screaming! So the fact that they both had smiles on their faces most of the time I was thrilled!

These are some of the first pictures I have been able to do of the both of them, I'm so glad I have some great ones for Christmas!

I always find great opportunities to get pictures at home, but my camera never clicks fast enough!

So by the time it goes off the kids are blinking or they have a finger up a nose. lol

So I am so glad we had the opportunity to get these done. I came across a really great deal on Plum District!

So make sure you keep checking your local area you never know when a killer deal will come up!



Would you like some toys?

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

My little boy just woke up from his nap, but I needed to get something out of the oven so my 3 year old offered to go play with him, which I thought was so cute and nice!

So when I went up a few minutes later this is what I found! she had emptied him room of all the toys and put them into his crib!

Luckily he was as happy as could be!



Would you like some cheese bread?

Friday, November 11, 2011

So my 3 year old kept asking me all day for cheese bread, and since I would have had to make it from scratch and I didn't have any good cheeses, I told her I would make her some tomorrow.

Apparently that wasn't good enough, later on she asked for a piece of bread and then asked for a cracker.

And when I checked on her a minute later she had made this! She scraped all the cheese off of her crackers and spread in on her bread. Laughing

Not exactly what you would get at an Italian restaurant, but she said she loved it!

I love how simple and sweet kids can be...



Our very long day! What do you do?

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

So I have to ask a question: Is it worth taking your kids to activities if you know there is a huge chance they won't even like it?

We got FREE tickets to see Yo Gabba Gabba (If you don't have a toddler; it's a very popular kids show)

I knew there was a chance she could end up having an issue unfortunately that's apparently that's just part of being 3 Laughing.

I thought it was worth a shot though, the tickets are normally $40 a person!!! (I almost passed out over that number too!)

So I couldn't pass by an opportunity like that. We drove over an hour to go to it, sat down for about 30min and this was her expression the whole time.

She didn't want to dance and she was very touchy, but I thought if she just wanted to sit there and not participate that was fine.

Unfortunately the quiet sitting ended after 30min and something upset her or she decided she had enough and started to cry and freak out.

So we left in the middle of the show. Needless to say I was disappointed, but not hugely surprised.

As we left I asked if she liked the part of the show that she did see and she said "no".

So on the drive home I thought about everything that went into the day... the gas money, 5 1/2 hours of the day, 5 1/2 hours I could have been blogging (sorry) and 5 1/2 hours of my husband working, the running around like crazy making sure we would get there in time. And I asked myself was it worth it? And I new the answer... No.

Before we even went into the theater, I saw a mom barely getting up the stairs with her screaming child. As I passed by I heard her say to her son "why do you do this every time we do something fun".

So I want to know what you think. Do you take your kids to activities knowing it probably won't go well?

Do you think it's worth it because it might be a good memory?

Do you have perfect kids that don't throw a fit when you are out? Laughing

I would love to hear what other families do with outings. I think we are gong to wait a couple of years before doing something like this again.



Our Day! Going to pick pumpkins... maybe not.

Friday, October 28, 2011

(Playing in a big pit of corn, it's amazing what makes the little ones happyLaughing)

Sorry I was out most of the day, my husband was starting to feel really sick today with a cold (I really hope we all don't get it Frown) so I thought I would take the kiddos to a pumpkin patch near us.

This was the first time we had ever been to a pumpkin patch to get pumpkins. I was very optimistic thinking I could take both of the kids and we would have a great time with no issues. Laughing

So you take a hayride out to the pumpkin patch and grab your pumpkins and then take the hayride back. And as soon as we were out in the middle of the field my little girl proclaims "POTTY"!

At this point I am juggling two pumpkins and my little boy, looking around wondering what I was gong to do! Unfortunately because she couldn't go anywhere and we had to wait for the wagon to come back I told her she would have to hold it in and wait. She decided that wasn't good enough and started to have an absolute fit!

So I am standing in the middle of a field by myself struggling to hold everything and she is falling apart! At this point I said screw the pumpkins and we hurried back to try to find a potty.

And we finally found a really gross porta-potty, needless to say I was bathing the kiddos in antibacterial hand soap afterward!

So we had no pumpkins, but they were at least having fun riding a pony, and playing on a huge slide.

Luckily they had a pumpkin display you could grab one from, so I thought we would grab a couple on our way out, when once again I heard... "POTTY"!

Unfortunately we were way too far away from the porta-potty's and she had an accident. By the time I took them back to the car and changed her pants they were so tired I thought it would be best to go.

So no pumpkins yet, maybe tomorrow! I think this time we will just go to the store. Laughing



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